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Hubby has non-small cell lung cancer

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Hi I am Francine and I am new to this CSN...It has been very hard on both of us...if there is anyone out there with any suggestions please let me know

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Hi Francine & Art-It seems as if there are steps you go through when someone close to you is diagnosed with "C". At first your in shock and tears seem to flow constantly. After that stage your in the mad part of the process. After that your in the Take Care of Business Stage and the process continues throughout the years.

You most likely have done this but research as much as possible about the cancer and ask a lot of questions. Second if you can find a support group we really recommend it.

I'm not sure if you been there or not but try the Aliance for Lung Cancer Website and get a lung cancer support pin (I wear mine daily and e-mailed all of our friends in hope that they would get theirs as well) - We joined and we are really happy with the info they send out- www.alcase.org Also the magazine Coping is a huge source of wonderful Survivor Stories- We've been getting the magazine for about 5 years- e-mail them for info- copingmag@aol.com

Another thing we have done is establish a support group for my husband called F.R.O.G.
Friends Rallying Optimistically for George. Actually we had our friends name it- It has caught on and we have more frogs in this house than you would believe and the F.R.O.G.'s are everywhere. Without them I know my husband would not be alive today.

I believe strongly that attitude is a huge part of the cure!!

We hope that you may get some ideas from the above. Yes- times are tough but we are toughter.

Take care- Our thoughts are with you.

George n' Jill

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