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Bone Cancer Pain

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Is there anyone out there suffering with bone cancer? My bone cancer is secondary to my breast cancer but it is causing me the most PAIN. I have severe pain in my rib cage right under my left breast. Everytime I cough (not even hard) it feels like a big ball underneath the rib cage and it feels like it is moving. This lasts for over 5 minutes. During Chermo treatment it was 10x worse and all I could do was to holler out in pain and cry. this would last over 15 minutes. This area tends to stay swollen. During Chemo I also had to hurry and apply a heating pad to the area. although I ended up burning my skin on that whole side, it seemed that was the nly way to calm the pain down. I'm on a lot of pain medication, but nothing seems to cut it. The chemo (after getting thru the horror) seemed to reduce the pain quite a bit.

Now it seems the pain is in my left shoulder. It maybe from where I fall over and sleep on this shoulder but it feels more than that.
Has anyone else experienced this type of bone pain? How did you control it other than medication? Does heat or anything else help bone pain? I feel it's starting to hurt in my tibia??? Isn't this the bone going straight down the front of your leg or is this the femur? any help is appreciated.
The material I have on my two chemo drugs says they cause bone marrow depression. I haven't gotten a straight answer from 2 different doctors.

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Hi Jonnie

I first had pain in my leg and discovered (after around 2 years) that I had a secondary cancer in my femur - primary unknown. I had radiotherapy and this helped tremendously to get rid of the pain - are you having radiotherapy after chemo? I only took painkillers occasionally.
A year later I discovered a lump in my breast(primary found) and had a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy and chemo.
I have to say that I use mind over matter that the pain did not exist, yoga - also being Welsh a visit with friends down the pub helped also.
I suggest you send your e-mail to the breast cancer section where there are some great ladies there who I know will give you better answers.
Please take care and keep very positive - good luck with your treatment and god bless -best wishes - Lynne

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hi jonjon,my name is jim, i live in oz,im a lymphoma battler,have been for 23yrs.At the moment i am suffering a reoccurence in my left leg, which is into the bone and the marrow.The pain i get in the leg is the worst i have ever experienced,like rats chewing is the only way i can describeit.I too am taking medication for the pain,but of a night ,nothing seems to help.I do get some relief sometimes with massage and very hot baths.I really do feel for you ,as the pain i get from time to time is nearly unbearable,i sometimes think its driving me whacko.At these times i try to remember a saying my mother used to use,(everything passes)I really hope things inprove for you soon,i know that time seems to stand still when your in pain.All the best and dont hesitate to contact me any time at jim.atkins@bigpond.com

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