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Prayer request

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Good morning everyone,
I wanted to ask for you all to add our niece & great-niece to your prayer list. They were involved in a car accident on Saturday in Colorado Springs. They are both in intensive care. Our niece has severe spinal injuries. At this time she has very little movement in her arms & no movement at all in the lower part of her body. Our great niece has a broken jaw,nose,cheekbone & a broken arm. They will do surgery again today on her arm & face. Her seat belt broke & she was thrown out of the vehicle. Please keep them in your prayers. I appreciate you all so much. Judy

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No sooner said than done, Judy. I hope that they (and you) get through this. May the Lord's strength, peace, and comfort be with all of you!!


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Dear Judy: It goes without asking, my prayers are beginning right now. May God give you and your family the strength and faith you need to sustain you through this; and may His mighty hand reach down and bring back your niece's mobility and the child's injuries heal quickly. Brenda

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I am sorry to hear about your nieces. I will be praying for them. You take care. Please let us know how they are doing when you get a minute.

God bless you,

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Judy, I will pray for your family,but I feel in my heart that they will pull out of this with flying colors.It will take time, but dont all good things come to those who wait? I will do the "naked candle"dance for them, It has worked before on here.
Take Care and God Bless
Hugs from Tiger

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