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getting information

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Hello to All,

Just wanted to say that the best search engine is www.google.com

Just type in your question - I got tons of info after my diagnosis. Or you can just state: "Information about adriamycin" for example.

Sometimes I think the hardest part of this is the lack of understanding from those not 'in the same boat' - they think surgery, a few treatments, chin up, and one is as good as new.

Good Luck and Prayers to all of us. I am 63 and I know I would feel even worse if I were younger.I don't know how those of you with children and especially babies, such as Wendy, manage. I am in awe!


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Jean, I agree with you on these ladies with small children. I just feel so overwhelmed some days with just taking care of me let alone having kids to take care of. Good job to all you ladies keeping up with your treatment & your family, way to go. Have a great day everybody. Judy

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