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Update on Employer problems

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Hey all! Just wanted to check in for a moment. I have made a formal complaint at work, he has been interviewed by the "brass" and I was interviewed last Thursday. They asked alot of questions, mostly meant to verify the statements that he made in his meeting with them. Apparently, he told a few more fibs. The next step? The HR manager is coming to our office tomorrow to interview other women to get their perspective and find out if they have witnessed any of the claims that I made in my memo. So, it's moving right along. He has been cordial but distant for a week now...strictly business. I have been a complete nervous wreck ( but I don't let HIM see it). Also, during all of this, my WBC bottomed out and had to take Neupogen for 4 days running, then my cat ( my baby) was hit by a car, survived with a broken jaw and torn ligaments in her hind leg. The vet wired her mouth, but could not afford the surgery for her leg right now. ($300.00 for the mouth surgery) Anyway, she came home from the hospital Friday and I have spent the weekend spoiling her! It's been a tough week. Please say a prayer as this week begins. By Friday, I should have a handle on how this is going to be handled. Thank you all for your support and for listening to me ramble. I love you all!!!
Mel in Ark.

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Hi Mel, well I am happy to hear that you are getting somewhere with your employer. I am lucky that I live in Canada, I am covered by our health system and when my doctors told me that they did not want me to work anymore for awhile, I can draw on my Canada Pension Plan for money to live on. When you go from two full pays down to one and a little, it really hurts. I am sorry also to hear about your cat. I am an animal freak. I have two cats ,a dog and an aquarium and am getting another kitten for Easter. I want a little fluffy kitty and I am going to call it Ozzy. My husband does not want anymore animals, but ah what the heck!! They are so cute and lovable. Just like me!! Only THEY have hair!! or should I say fur!!
Well, take care and good luck with the fight.
Hugs from Tiger.

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