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feeling like a lean-to

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before I had my mastectomy my sister and i howled with laughter about reports of difficulty with balance, and leaning...I am not laughing now! I'll just be walking around and then realize that the leaning tower of pisa and i have a lot in common. ...so then i change my stance and it looks like I am a tree suffering form a persistent westerly wind cos i go too far the other way! I am trying to logically think it out, but I think that may be a lost cause, cos why on earth would i lean to the side of the mastectomy..you would think it would be the other way! If anyone has a logical explanation it might help cos then i could maybe give my brain some intelligent instructions..if no-one has any help just picture me leaning into the wind in beautiful british columbia....but my hair is coming back...and that is quite fun! Have read all the messages ....well, some of them....and see everyone is being wonderfully supportive as usual.....way to gooooooo, laaaaadies! love susan

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Hi Sue, Good to see you posting again and love to read you. You always find humor in whats going on. I imagine you lean toward the side of the mastectomy because you are protecting it and maybe protecting yourself from pain. I have a bad knee and after I had orthoscopic surgery on it, I had to learn to walk again. I had walked toe first on that leg to protect me from pain and it was a hard habit to break. You may be leaning toward the mastectomy, fearing a straight position may pull and hurt. You sound like all is well otherwise. I have missed you and I'm glad you're back. Love and Hugs, Nancy S

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Hi Susan: Are you on chemo? It affected my equlibrium(?)a bit, and I would be crab walking(side-ways gait) without realizing it. I returned to normal in a short time (can't remember exactly how long). Good luck and God bless. Brenda

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I am newly diagnosed and you all have me concerned. I have walked side wyas my whole life. My husbad is always telling me to pick a side when we walk next to each other. Are you all telling me it is going to get worse?!!! LOL

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You sound like a hoot Sue,
I too am in B.C., I'm in Vancouver area. I found that I too leaned that way but it was more like I was favoring that side. It felt better than standing up straight, but my bach ached. I'm not a big woman so I always found it funny. The odd time your body feels like the breast is still there. In time it all gets use to the cituation. How about the SUN, I am loving it.
Be good to yourself,
24242 Tara

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Wish I knew you Susan. You sound like a fun person. I too am just starting to sprout hair, right in sync with the new leaves on our maple trees. Unfortunately, it isn't quite the color I remembered, but my beautician can fix that. Good luck - Marty

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