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i proposed........

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Joined: Mar 2001

took a giant leap today...proposed to my boyfriend......first treatment made me crazy...anyone else get panic attacks?? it was awful...just awful

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Joined: Oct 2000

Blondie, WAY TO GO GIRL!! I am so happy that you are opening up to your man. You will be so happy and so will he!! I am sure his daughter would love to go hat shopping with you, no matter how old she is. As for the panic attacks, I Know ALL about them. Mine get so bad I stop breathing, black out. When I had my first chemo I had one so bad they thought I was having a heart attack. Now I take a .05 mg of Ativan for the attacks and Paxcil for depression and mood swings. Boy, let me tell you it has made a great difference for me. Just stay positive and dont feel like you are weak if you need medication to keep yourself sane through all of this. Before I started the meds, I was crying all the time, violent fits of temper, I mean bad!! I put a hole in my closet door and broke a lamp. But now I am more mellow and can still function as a normal human being. I wish you all the luck in the world!! Stay in touch and let us know how you make out!!
lots of love and hugs from Tiger

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so...did he accept?!

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........and now i am just one step closer to being the happiest man on earth-----ty baby I love you

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Hi Peep and Blondie! It sounds like Congratulations is in order! Cathy

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Way to go Blondie & Peep. What a lot of old matchmakers we are. It brought tears to my eyes. Be good to each other. The road will be hard but together you can do it. Keep us posted & all the luck & love in the world to you both.Love Pam

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Hi, Blondie!!

Congratulations to you both. I am sure that the good Lord has great things ahead for you both. Keep us posted on the details!!

What treatment did you have? Hope you are feeling good not that a couple of days have passed. Panic, I believe, is natural. The thoughts of the unknown can do funny things to our minds. Just take a few deep breaths and know that you have taken the first step to fighting this monster.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good news is ALWAYS welcome here. As said, keep us posted on the details---what can I say? I am just nosey..... My prayers continue to be with you both.


Posts: 292
Joined: Oct 2000

YEEE HAAA!!!!! I am so happy for you both, it is so nice to see such wonderful things on this site. Now you know that we will all expect some photos of the happy trio!! I wish you all the luck in the world, now with a loving family to support you, Blondie, you will kick this cancer in the ***!!!!!!!
millions of hugs from Tiger

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