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Dear Lorna:
Thank you for your response. I do not know why my cancer reocurred, I did have a complete hyster. at the age of 29, I was fortunate enough to have one child already, some both my husband and I feel very blessed to have her. I hope your last treatment went well and you are feeling good now. You are in my prayers. Hopeful2

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Dear hopeful:
Forgive me if I am asking the same question but If you underwent a total hyster, where did the cancer go when it came back? I guess I do not understand why it is called reoccured when everthing has been taken out to prevent it from reoccuring. I am asking this question because I think everyone who is a cancer survivor doesn't want the cancer to come back. I was given a 90% survival rate provided I go through the total hyster and 4 regiments of chemotherapy. However, my oncologist made it clear she did not know whether the cancer would not return because my cancer was caused by a stromal cell which I believe is linked to the fact that I took Chlomid to concieve my last child.Anyway, my GYN On said if it were to return, it would probably come back in my stomach. Well, I did make it through my last chemo and Yes!!, I do feel well. Thank you. I will continue to pray for you also. Remember to stay focused.Lorna

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