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Prayers for another little one

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Hi ladies, hope you are all doing well. I would like you to do another small favour for me. I found out tonight that the five year old son of a former co-worker is in the hospital again. He has had leukemia since he was two and had gone into remission, but now it is back ,and kicking him hard. He is such a handsome little guy, big brown eyes and black hair. Would you all say a prayer for him. I am going to see his mom tomorrow and see if she is linked up with the Chemo Angels.
Thanks again and you all take care.
Hugs from tiger. xo

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count on me......would love to get my mind off me for a while......

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I'd be happy to pray for this little guy. Please let me know if you get an e-mail address for him. I'd be happy to send him a card. What is his name? Let us know.

Hope you are doing ok.

Blessings and hugs.....Wendy

P.S. Any word about the little girl we all sent cards to last week?

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I would be glad to pray for the little guy. If he has email and likes cards I would like to send a few to him. Please send his email address if the is ok.

Also could you give me some information on the Chemo Angels. YOu have mentioned them several times.

God bless you.


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Dear Rosa: It is an automatic thing with me to ask God to take care of all the little ones. I will remember him specially. Keep us informed--and tell his parents they are in my prayers, too. Brenda

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Hi Tiger
My youngest son was diagnosed with ALL leukemia when he was five years old. he had chemo for 3 years and then relapsed in the marrow and the central nervous system-(he was 8)Our only option was a bone marrow transplant which we went ahead with-his sister was a perfect match. he is now 22years old and very healthy. Give my love to your friends, i will be praying for him

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