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No Subject

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I am new to this group. I have been reading some of your stories and they are encouraging. My boyfriend was diagnoised with NSLC approx. 6 weeks ago. He has a 8 cc tumor on the lung that has spread to the treacha and the brain (4 spots on the brain)surgery is not an option. He is currently undergoing chemo & radiation (radiation aggressive to the lungs, neck & brain). Chemo was started with Taxol & Carboplatin and was changed to Cisplatin which seems to be helping reduce the tumor on the treacha. Needless to say he is extremely sick he has 2 1/2 weeks more of radiation to go. I would love to hear from people going through similar situation.

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Hi Wendi, 

I'm not sure if you are even on the board anymore, but wanted to know what to expect with the radiation, since my husband was diagnosed a year ago and was just recently told it is now in his brain and radiation was critical.  Any insight would be appreciated.  

Thank you,


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They will give him steroids to control the swelling.   There may be some behavioral changes-quick to anger, depression.  He will definitely lose his hair.   He may not be able to eat. Talk to your dr about Marinol or other appetite stimulants when that happens.   Tha ACS has a 24 hour hotline that is answered by oncology nurses who can give you more info.  Also there is a nother site that has more activity called inspire.com.  Many there have had this experience.  

What type of radiation are they talking about?  Is it whole brain radiation? Gamma knife?  What type of cancer does he have?  Adenocarcinoma, squamous, small cell or other?  How many brain lesions are there?

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