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Gods hand?

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Hi all, I am going to share an experience with you that I have not even told my husband about yet, and I would like your feedback.
Monday I was having alot of bad pain in my right side, almost to the point of going to the hospital, but stubborn as I am, I just ignored it as best as possible. That night Dave and I crawled into bed, I curled into his back as usual, but could not sleep. Then all of a sudden, I was looking down on myself and I could see my eyes open,but I was not breathing or moving, I heard someone (me?God? Angel?) say"Rosa breathe, you are dying" Then all of a sudden I was back in my body and realized what had happened. The only other time that ever happened to me was when I was 17 and took an overdose of all the pills I could find in the house.The same thing happened, I could feel myself letting go, then a voice came to me, and I got myself to call a friend to call my dad back and come to my room and check on me. He got me to the hospital and I puked for hours, getting all the pills out. It was not a panic attack that I had Monday night, I have had enough of those to know the difference. The strange thing is, Tuesday when I got up I only had a tiny pinpoint of pain, and today, none at all. I am not trying to analyize this, just take it in good faith that God has other plans for me, despite this cancer. I am not usually a religious person, but I have started praying in the past few months, and feel so much more at peace after I do. Well, there it is, any suggestions?
Have a good day.
Hugs from Tiger

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Hi Rosa, Maybe God is just reminding you he is with you and watching over you through this all. I really don't know. I really believe in the power of prayer. When I was growing up we were in church every time the doors were open. I have not been going to church since we moved here but have never stopped praying & believing in God. I think all things happen for a reason although at times it is hard to understand. I have had to many things happen in my life that I know God was with me or my family & carried us through. That's just my thoughts. You are truly an amazing person & I think God has plans for your life. You have touched so many people with your positive attitude here. I wish you well. Judy

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Hey Tiger: What a freaky experience that has to be. Sounds like God is telling you that he's carrying you thru this like a champ. I have found myself praying/talking to God and reading the bible since I've been diagnosed more than ever before. I also find a tremendous peace and contentment afterwards. I truly feel God has a special place for those that have gone thru so much w bc and especially for you, your post are always so inspiring and supportive to the many women who have passed thru this site. God works in funny ways, but he's always there, all we have to do is ask. Stay strong, vinnie

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God obviously has some plans for you here in this world before he is ready for you in the next. I truly believe you are here for all of us & I also beleive that you should start that book. It was meant to be so that you can help & inspire others who are not members of this website. So get started. There is plenty of work for you in this world before we are ready for you to give up. Fight the fight!!!!Love as always. Pam

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What a strange experience! God is definitely by your side and communicating with you. I believe He has great plans for you. Your positive attitude has helped me in many ways since I became a part of this forum. You are a very strong person and I admire you. Please take good care of yourself. God is in control! With love- Mel

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