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Throat Bleeding

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Have had 33 radiation treatments. Now have severe pain and bleeding in my throat and roof of my mouth. Almost unable to swallow. Existing on Boost and water right now. Any suggestions?

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Ouch, sorry to hear about your reactions to the rads. Everyones experience is so different. Mine were very painful blisters that would appear/disappear in the blink of an eye. My Dr. prescribed a numbing mouthwash to use before eating so you might want to ask about that. Other than that all I can offer is my sympathies.

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my throat is also still very painful, comes and goes.  One day I can eat a little the next day all I can do is drink protein drinks.  I use Magic  mouthwash ( Dukes) as well.  Helps a bit, but still very painful and need narcotics.  I had 33 radiation treatments and 8 chemo treatments, ended on June 19th.  Last week celebrated with a clean PET scan.  They tell me it will be 1 1/2 years before I'm better!  I can't believe it will be that long before I can have a steak, a cup of coffee or a beer!  I hate it!   As long as I have people I can share with I'll make it.  


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I am sorry that your throat is so painful.

I don’t think you will have to wait a year for a steak. If you do have to wait, maybe, you could try out that soda that tastes like turkey dinner (it comes around next month).

If you wish to get more response you might try to start a new post.  These old ones seem to flounder.


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I experienced the same. Finished treatment 3 weeks ago. I began by spitting up blood around my 25th radiation. I didn't have a feeding tube so I was using my throat alot. For a few days I was even spitting up bloody throat tissue chunks! That really freaked me out. However, the doctor said to not be alarmed and they monitored the situation. Luckily it went away fairly quickly. They had me drink Juven two times a day. I think that did help.

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