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taking a little treatment break

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hi guys, I was supposed to start taxol 2 weeks ago,but first I had a very bad cold,so it was postponed a week then last week I went in and the nurse said
my insurance would only pay for the taxol if my nodes were positive.Now if you've read my webpage you will know that I decided to skip the lymph node dissection, so my doctors can't prove they are positive,they are just treating me as if they were.so they sent me home and told me to call my insurance,which I did......they said they will review it, and it shouldn't be a problem after all-they just needed some info from my doctor. Since I pray each day that God will guide my doctors and my treatment plan,I am sure that this little break is just what my body needs to get real strong again before I start the taxol. I was starting to feel very worn down...I have to say though,I have mixed feelings about the taxol, my oncologist said it only benefits 5% of the people that take it ,in other words 5 out of 100. he said my treatment would cost 10,000$ if the insurance didn't pay. I've decided to go ahead with it if they are paying but if I have to pay ,I'll have to think hard on it. not that I would put a price on my life but with those odds,it may be just as beneficial to work on builing up my immune system instead. anyway I am enjoying my break and feel my strength building up each day.....yea! I hadn't really realized how much energy this stuff had been taking from me.....lindy

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Hi lindy, my first question is; did they do an ultrasound, ct scan and bone scan and chest xray to see if it had spread anywhere else? Usually through a ct scan they can see swollen nodes in the body. If you have to take the Taxol, rest assured that it is wonderful, especially if you have mets elsewhere. I went from have rapidly growing tumours on the liver, to "almost invisible" after six doses of the Taxol. You may have misunderstood him, Only five percent of women get serious pain as a side effect of the drug.My understanding is that the Taxol is wonderful for a large percent, around 44% is what I was told. There is a chance of some bone and joint pain, but that subsides within four or five days, and believe me, if you were in my shoes, any pain is well worth it. But if a lumpectomy took care of your cancer, Taxol would be a good idea just to make sure there are no little cancer cells floating around anywhere else. In the end it is your decision, go with your gut, first instinct is usually right.By the way, I like the bottom left wig, It looks great on your face.You have one of those pinchable sweet faces.
Take care and God Bless.
Hugs from Tiger

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hi tiger, yes I did have all the tests and scans and as far as the eye can see there isn't any matastasis. I'mpretty sure I will be going on with the taxol,as soon as all the paperwork is straightened out. I hope I did misunderstand the doctor, all these percentages get confusing, my husband says, he said it increased your odds of survival by 5-6%. I'm not sure what that translates into tho. But since my cancer was aggressive,I should aggressively fight it. I want you to know, I've been very inspired by your example, courage and Spirit.. and the results !!...keep on, keepin on.. my sister.....lindy

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Hope your enjoying your break and getting the rest you so diserve. I don't think your alone with having to take the time to find comfortable choices. My mother told me at my diagnosis and treatment I didn't have a choice because I had a son who needed me. It did simplify things for me. The money isn't the issue, I think many would agree. Take the time you need to truly feel good about your choice, resigning yourself to it. A few weeks won't make that much difference.
Best to you and yours,

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