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Gonna be a Redhead!

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Hi everyone. Have finished my latest course of radiation (my fifth). As it was high on my neck I have lost half my hair!! Now I feel truly a sister with those who have had chemo. BUT as it was radiation it will not grow back ever. I was devastated. Then my daughter & her best friend (both outrageous redheads) suggested I become a redhead too so I'm off to buy a wig at the weekend. I will have a photo taken & put it on my webpage. Hope everyone is being strong & coping well. Anyone heard from Catherine. Truly very worried about her. LOve to you all my wonderful friends. Pam

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Hi Pam, Sorry about your hair. I'm sure that must be hard. I'm sure you will be great as a redhead. I wish you the best. Judy

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Hi Pam - hope everything is all right. The redhead plan sounds great (I am one too). HOpe everything is going well - thinking of you, Nancy

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