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Ewing Sarcoma

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I was diagnosed with a Ewing Sarcoma last September and I am on chemo since then. Radiation is planned as well. Does anyone have similar experience?

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Hi Isabelle my name is Nichole and i was diagoosed with ewing sarcoma in september of 1999. i completed my chemo 8 months ago and was lucky enough not to go through radiation, but i did have a surgery to remove the tumor. they removed my left shoulder blade with it. i know that the chemo is horrid but i hope your doing as well as possible. i just joined this site and don't really know how it works but i'd like to hear more from you. my e-mail address is n_tatlow@hotmail.com

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My name Katy and i was diagnosed with Ewings aug 03 i am currently still going through chemo. the cancer was a tumor in my chest cavity it was bigger than a football... the doctors had never seen anything like it before because it is not on a bone at alll, it is free standing. about 70% has gone away, and im going to maybe be starting radiation soon. If anyone would like to talk Email me at katy04@artlover.com

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Hi Katy -

My fiancee was just diagnosed with PNET, which is in Ewing's family but is a primary brain cancer. I'm wondering how similar the chemo regimens are. Following radiation, he'll be on vincristine, cisplatin and CCNU (lomustine.) IS that at all similar to what you're going through?


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