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information about taxotere

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Thanks Nancy,

I'm guessing you had the regimen I am set for - 4 AC and then four Taxol/ Taxotere.

My current oncologist said that I probably would be all right if I decided to quit after the 4 AC, but she left the hospital for another position 3/23 so next Thurs. 3/29 I will see a new oncologist. She did tell me that she thought the new doctor would be more emphatic about continuing the additional treatment.

I suppose I will give it my best shot. Anticipation is worse than actuality - sometimes!

Again, this is a great site to get info.
Love and best wishes to all the contributors.

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Jean...We don't like that word "probably" anywhere near our cancer treatment. We want to have the best treatment possible at any cost. You are right about my treatment plan. 4 A/C and 4 Taxol and radiation and Tamoxifen. Just finished the chemo part of treatment and will start radiation in 1 month. It seems that each Oncologist has a different treatment plan but you want the plan that gives you the most protection aganist a recurrance, even if it means more treatments. Post again and let me know what you have decided to do. Love and hugs, Nancy

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Nancy, I too have been picked for a trial using taxotere and taxol. Does insurance cover both of these drugs? Patty

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