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Seroma in incision......

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My mom had her surgery on feb 22'01. 3 days later one of her drains fell out and on the fourth day I took her to drs. and they took the other drain out. She was still having a lot of drainage, too much for her not to have a drain. The fluid started collecting under her skin and almost looked like she was growing her breast back!( I am assuming this is called a seroma?) The drs. aspirated the fluid on March 5, and she has to have a nurse to her house 2 times a day to change the dressing the Drs. put IN the incision! My mom says she feels like it will never heal at this rate!
I am sorry to hear that this has happened to others, but it will bring some comfort my mom,Once Again, knowing that she is not alone. I thank God for this website and all of you wonderful people who are sharing your lives !
Thank You All So Much!

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