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Done withTaxol

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Hi Ladies: Haven't been online for awhile and almost thought I was in the wrong place after reading Tiger's post. Tiger, got me scared for a minute but then as I continued to read.... I'm glad your feeling better. I still think the spring/summer will do a world of good for all of us. I'm so sick of the cold, it makes me more depressed and much more achy than usual. We all need the summer and bright sunshine to help us focus on each day. I would like to share with all of you that I finally finished my chemo treatment. (a/c and taxol) and move on to radiation, But what a tremendous weight I feel has been lifted. I just want to agree with some of the other posts, how different life is after bc. I still get scared when I look in the mirror. I ask if I'll ever be myself again. My hair is just coming in, that's a treat, I feel like a chea plant.
I know where all going thru different aspects of this bc but can I express to all of you how strenghtning and supportive, loving and compassionate all of you are. And I know in my heart God has a special place for all of you, for giving so much of yourselves. We are truly blessed and with that, I will now sign out. Be strong and have lots of faith. vinnie

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A/C GOODBYE....... TAXOl GOODBYE...... FOREVER !!!!! We'll be through the radiation by the end of May or the first week of June. What a long way we have come since last August. I agree about this long cold winter, the longest winter of my life but now it is coming to an end. I see why the daffodil is the flower cancer shares. It's brillant color and early presentation gives us promise of warm weather and hope for a bright future. Love to you, Nan

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Doesn't it feel great? NO MORE CHEMO,, ahhh, I did the happy dance when I finished Taxol Feb. 12. Only 29 more radiation treatments to go... how are you coping with it? My eyebrows are coming in fast, eyelashes too. Hair was long when l lost it so that will take a while to grow but it's coming in, gray. The biggest hurdle now is getting to treatment EVERY day and not letting it get me down. I've stopped working til all treatment is over with so that has helped.

Good luck

Eunice Ruby
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Hi! Am I too impatient?  Finished Taxol Tudsday and have more nausea and inability to eat than during treatment.  My worry is that I'm flying to see a granddaughter graduate at the end of May (this is May 6).  Surely I'll feel great by then?  I hope your radiation is going well.  More aggressive chemo, surgery, radiation for me.  Just grateful I;ll be well eventually.  Thank you so much for any information.

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Eunice Ruby, don't know if you realize this thread is from 2001, just in case you don't get a reply.

I did 4 dose dense A/C (Adriamycin and Cytoxin) followed by 12 weekly Taxol.  Fortunately because of great premeds, I didn't have a lot of nausea, just very mild queeziness.  I did have side effects--neurapathy in my hands and feet, blistering type rash on my hands and arms, low white count and hemoglobin, and extreme fatigue that made making the bed and unloading the dishwasher major chores.  I had my surgery a month after chemo ended, and I was able to get my spare room cleaned out the week before surgery.  Within two weeks after surgery, I was getting some energy back. 

Every person is different, but I was feeling better about 3 weeks after chemo ended.   

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HURRAY FOR VINNIE!!!! It is such a wonderful feeling to be done with chemo. Good luck with you radiation treatments and may God Bless You. Murphy

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