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living with a colostomy

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I've had a sigmoid colostomy since my colorectal cancer surgery 5 years ago. I irrigate every day. Tried going to ostomy meetings but there is no one there my age. I was 46 when diagnosed. Anybody out there?

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In 1997 I was 46 also and had an iliostomy.I did have a reversal that same year. I am a nurse and had to have the pleasure while I was working. What a trick that was with a white uniform on while working! Name is Nurse Nancy nrobison@csonline.net WRITE!

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Dear Nurse Nancy,
How is it going with you now? I would like to visit because I am interested in possibly doing some consulting with new ostomates as part-time employment. I am a former Registered Dietitian and a successful colostomate for 7 years. What do you think? My e-mail is bergy_1999@yahoo.com

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I have a friend who had a colostomy in Sept.  About a month ago the stoma flattened & he's had a lot of challenges in keeping the bag sealed.  He's also an active farmer which probably doesn't help with a lot of body movement.  He has talked with the product company to get ideas 7 he keeps experimenting.  I was wondering if you have any advice?  Thanks!


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Hello Bluebirdfriend

This is a very old post - 2001 -  Neither of the posters above have been on the forum since 2008.  Many of the active members have experience with colostomy so may I suggest you start a new thread with your question.  


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I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in December of last year and underwent colostomy surgery in January. I just completed 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. My cancer is inoperable and my colostomy is permanent. I will be starting a new drug for chemotherapy next week and hope that this will continue to kill the cancer. In the meantime, I'm thankful that I have a colostomy. It's a miracle!

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I was diagnosed with rectal/colon cancer on march 21, 2001. i am 47 yrs old. i too had 6 wks of radiation & chemo and now back on chemo thru a port. my colostomy is permanant also. its been an adjustment, but the alternative was apealing ! i've never talked to anyone who has a colostomy and this is 6 months later.

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I was also diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer last December 2001. Had chemo and radiation combination treatment followed by surgery follwed by chemo adjuvant and "insurance" radiation. Had my last treatment last September. Pathology results shows complete removal of the tumor, nearby lymp nodes are tumor negative and CEA diagnostic test is negative up to date. I am slowly regaining my energy and so with my appetite. My colostomy is permanent and I am getting use to it. I am looking foward to live my "new normal" life and I thank God everyday for the chance to live for many many more years to come.

Cheers and Hang on there!,

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I had a colostomy 5/02. They said I couldn't do chemo or radiation because I had ulcerative colitis. My cancer was rectal but we caught it very early because of colonoscopys evry 1-2 years for last 20. Thought removing colon would solve my problems and now my oncologist and gastro say I still have to have a colonoscopy-doing 4/17 mine is obviously permanent. but at 47 what else are you going to do.Hope your next treatment goes well. Because I never did chemo or radiation I sometimes don't think of my self as a cancer survivor But hey I'm still alive so guess I am. Good luck!

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Hello,I'm new here.. I have a colostomy,not sure if permanent yet.Surgery to remove the tumor this month,then they will see If they can reverse it!

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I had a colostomy done June 1. Since then, I have had two instances where I got nauseous and had sever cramps. I was wondering if anyone has the same problem.


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yep, got 1 , it works fine for me...no issues at all and would be happy to discuss it at any time with you........Clift

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Mr Buzzard:

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I had my surgery Feb. 2008 and have slowly gotten used to living with the colostomy. (Stahe IV colo-rectal cancer) It took me a while to adjust. I have found the UOAA (United Ostomy Assos.)web site to be a big help with ostomy related questions.

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