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Returning to Work

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Hi, I have gone through the therapy for lymphedema and am trying to return to work. Is there anyone out there with lymphedema as a result of lymph node removal that is currently working for the postal service? If so, please respond. Thank you. Phyllis Marie

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After I read your posting I did not respond because I do not work for the post office. I work in a grocery store.

It would be nice to have someone to talk to who is going through the same experience.

I have lymphadema in my right hand and arm. I wear a pressure glove and sleeve. It is hard somedays and others I am fine with it. If you are interested in talking back and forth over the dicussion group board or through email please write back.

Take care. God bless you.


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Hi Cindy I read your message and man do I undestand how you feel. I had 8 lymph nodes removed and now mt right arem looks like it needs to go on a diet. It is hard to work now especially when I work in a factory. I don't have much strenght in my right arem any more and the lest thing I do makes it really hurt and get bigger. I have a home compression pump that helps allot and the insurance pays for it and it is allot better than those sleeves couldn't wear them they made my arm hurt worse. Are you scared like me that you might have to go on dissability. If yu would like to talk more about it my email address is prince_donna@hotmail.com contact me anytime. It is nice to see I am not alone in all this. Thanks Donna Prince

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Hello, yes I have Lymphedema but I don't work at the postal service, I work in a factory which has made it really hard on my arm. Are you like me and are you scared that you may have to go on disabillity. I do have some help, I have a home compresion pump that helps allot and the insurance will pay for it. Donna Prince

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Hi, I work in a refinery, I have lympheodema in my legs,wear your compression hose and see a theaperist, and Thank God the cancer is gone. You will be alright. Roger K in Texas.

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