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heard of Zolodex?

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Hi all, well ,my onco nurse called me and said that we are going to stay on the Taxol, which is fine by me , as it worked so well before. But says the Herceptin is out for now as it did not seem to be working, on the scan there are a couple of small deposits on my liver, that may have been there before, but not noticeable on a larger scan, but are noticeable now on the smaller scan. But what I am wondering now is, what if the Taxol does not get rid of the rest, then what?
It seems to be a rapidly growing cancer. And of course that is from being Her2/neu positive. An overexpression of that gene means a quicker growing cancer. oh yaaa for me. He mentioned Zolodex, but I can not find anything on it, the only thing I come up with is for use in prostate cancer, and some research into use in mets breast. Very frustrating this whole deal. Of course yesterday my boys stressed me out, today I am pms'ing, and my boob is hard and sore as usual around this time, and I am depressed from the chemo as usual, so all in all, I think I am ready for a really good breakdown.
I am trying so hard not to think about it, I want to talk to the base chaplain, maybe he can help.
On a lighter note, my nine year old told me at supper today that he is "getting pee-pee hairs", well I almost fell off the chair. He has been wearing deoderant for almost six months now because he stinks!!!! Phew, after a day of being outside and then standing next to him is enough to knock you on the floor!!
Well, enough for now, I am taking Pams advice and starting a book on this whole thing, I think it will be therapeutic for me and then my family will have something solid to look back on after I am gone.
Well, enough rambling on. You ladies take care and know that you all are in my heart as the best thing that ever happened to me!!
Without all of you, I probably would have gone over the deep end by now, Lord knows I was headed that way when I first found you.
Hugs from Tiger

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I made a small boo-boo in my last post, It was Sue's idea that I write a book, although I plan on getting some info from you all to use if you agree!!
Hugs from Tiger

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Hi Sweetie, Just sent you an email before I checked the site. Hard news to take from your Doctor, but you STAY STRONG..STRONG has gotten you this far and will take you all the way. When I go to my Onco on Monday, I am going to ask about your test. He is such a strong believer in Herceptin, I'll see what he thinks. I'll print you post and take it along. I'm wondering if these spots they are reading are not the tumors that are shrinking away. I have the Her-2/neu, also, and my doctor tells me that it is not all bad. He thinks the Her-2 allows the chemo to work better. Good idea to start your book and put that terrific sense of humor in it and you will have a best seller. My 13 year old grandson shows me his underarm hair everytime he comes over to visit. I guess all these boys are proud to be changing toward manhood. Love you and wish I could chase your worries away. Nancy

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Hi, Rosa!

I have been contemplating how to answer this post. Your posts were some of the first that I read when I first found this site---I was so impressed and inspired by your fighting spirit. I hopw that I am not reading into this latest post that you are giving up..... As Nancy wrote, stay STRONG and POSITIVE. Remember the first time I sent you an e-mail and asked you how you did it? I was do thrilled that you answered....it made me realize that I, too, can beat this. DON'T YOU GO AND GIVE UP!!!! We won't have it!! You will definitely be in my prayers over the next days and weeks. Please talk with your chaplain---perhaps he can help you with this. I don't know what I would do without my pastor. My pastor said this in a sermon a couple of weeks before I found out I had this beast----"Live every day as if it were your last but believe that you will live forever." I keep that written down and it is on the dash of my car so I don't forget. Prayer is a powerful thing---and there are certainly many being said on your behalf. I don't know how religious you are, but there are a few praise songs that I really hang on to the words. They are "Shout to the Lord", "My Life Is In You, Lord", "God Is In Control", and "It's Good To Be Alive". If you like, I will send you the words. For some reason, worship and praise songs give me some inner strength. Let me know and I will be happy to share them with you.

I think that the book is a great idea----GO FOR IT!!! I have often thought about doing something similar, but I am not much of a story teller/writer. What an inspiration to those just beginning on the "road"!! Let me know how I can help.

My 12 year old son came up to me (I think he was 11 at the time) and announced that he was getting whiskers. I had to break it to him that it was just the "peach fuzz" that we all have on our faces. He is really looking forward to sprouting "those hairs". I shall have to be ready for the announcement, I guess. Although he has become a bit quieter and modest about things like that lately. I had to laugh at your response to your 9 year old.....I think I would have fallen off my chair, too!! :-)

Well, I've rambled on long enough, but I did want to respond and encourage you today. KEEP FIGHTING----for yourself, your husband, and especially for those two little boys!!!

Take care and know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Any other support that I can give if yours.....just ask!! Please feel free to e-mail me anytime.

Blessings and hugs to you......Wendy

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Hey Tiger! Hang in there. You're doing everything you can. Trust the MD and hopefully, everything will turn out OK.I'm impressed at how no matter how down and out you are, you always add that bit of humor to perk things up! I can remember those days of odor and new hair growth. They're doing it so early now. Well, continue to fight! We're all praying for you! HUGS! Cathy

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Dear Rosa:
Come on girl--you have a couple of deposits--that could be a liver cyst even--I have 9 leisions (tumors) metatasized in my liver and that is down from 12 and they are holding their own now with the Herceptin on last scan in January. My ocologists doesn't seem worried, so I am not going to either! He says many people may have growths that are benign and never do any harm, and unless they do surgery and take a biopsy, they cannot be 100 percent sure. Just wait till next scan and see what is happening. It could also be scar tissue from tumor death!! This is why I get confused from what your doctors are saying and what mine is saying. He is a renown cancer doctor from a prestigious teaching university in Georgia and has creditials and awards a mile long. He has done a bunch of cancer research himself and everything I can find out about him is impressive. He has done work with the leading universities and research places throughout the USA, also. So, please do not get upset over this and think it is the end--you could go out tomorrow and get hit by a bus as far as that goes--so enjoy the moment and write down that boy's comments--they are a hoot! Writing your own thoughts down are very theraputic also. I keep a weekly log now, and was keeping a daily one through the worse of the treatments. It is amazing how much I have forgotten--chemo brain and all. So don't start writing your own eulogy just yet. Hold my hand in spirit, and we will get through this dark place together--cause with our other hand we will be holding God's.
I have a real good feeling about your future when I pray for you. I just wish you could find out why your doctor doesn't give Herceptin more time. By the way how long have you been taking it? May be the time limit is up--one year according to my doc.
My prayers are with you, Brenda

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Tiger, The chemo is affecting your mood but that is normal. Do they have clinical trials up your way? In one group the patients get the normal standard treatment and in another group they get standard and additional treatment.
You might check into that. Praying for you. Margaret

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That's the first time I have ever heard you be negative & talk about " when I am gone" Don't you dare do this to us & yourselves. I know you are a bit down but when your regular onco gets back get back to him & get going on the herceptin again. Where is our "kick butt" Rosa who no one is going to tell when her time is up. If you don't perk up I am going to have to phone you from NZ!!!
Truly Rosa I know being strong all the time is hard & you are better at it than all of us so I hope you have had your down & can get your positive thoughts back on track. Thinking of you & praying & everything you know we feel for you. Love Pam

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Hi Tiger,
I was given Zolodex every three weeks during my treatment. It shuts down you ovaries so you don't produce any estrogen. The good thing about this is no menstrual periods. The down side, hot flashes. I'm now taking a shot that last for three months. My onocologist does not want me to ever produce estrogen again, so I'm going for a hysterectomy. Suppose to consult with the Dr. on this Monday. The onocologist told me my cancer fed off estrogen. Good Luck and God Bless. NKAC

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