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Update on me again

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Hey gang. Just wanted to let you know that my body has finally crashed after the last two years. What with the cancer struggle, which I have won, the personal problems with my grown sons who still depend on "mommie" to take care of them and solve their problems, my ongoing health problems, and the fact that my mother passed away on March 8 and the following Monday my youngest son wanted me to babysit with his ADHD child for two weeks, the body gave way. I have not be able to work, to think or to do anything. All I do is sleep, eat a little, nothing compared to usual. Anyway, my wonderful oldest daughter has insisted that I move in with her and I am. I just want and need to be taken care of. I can't do it alone anymore. So, I guess I have turned into a real wimp or wuss or whatever, but there's nothing left to give. I'll still try to keep in contact with you guys occasionally, just not as often. I love you guys.


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So sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. Take care of yourself. Let your daughter pamper you. You deserve it! You know we are all here for you. Keep in touch! We miss you! Hugs! Cathy

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HI Jane - Don't call yourself a wimp - you deserve to be pampered - and if your daughter wants to do just that, you need to accept it. Our body needs that attention to help heal it up. My prayers are with you and God Bless. Lucy

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Hello Jane, Thank you so much for posting tonight, I had you in my thoughts today and was going to email you tomorrow. You are a very strong and intelligent woman, but we all need to be near someone who loves us. I am glad you will be staying with your daughter. If your email address changes, contact me, I don't want to lose touch with you. You were strong for me when I needed you and Maybe I can say something to help you now. Love to you, Nancy

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Jane, we love you too. What a wonderful daughter you have. Make this a time to strengthen your relationahip with her. I know with your deep faith in God that He will carry you through these trials. You will be in our prayers. Margaret

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Jane: enjoy being loved and taken care of...you deserve it....before yu know it yu will be right as rain again....and what a good reminder to you that your first job is to look after you...cos yu no good for anyone unless yu do...sleep, rest....and then tell sons to go away!!!! love susan

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Jane, you know what they say, "if you dont look after yourself, you cant look after anyone else" I also have learned in the past year to let people help me. I am stubborn and have to do everything for myself, and everybody else too. All I hear is 'mommy, mommy'!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh, Calgon ,Take me Away!! I love my family, and my husband tries, but Lord only knows that unless a woman does it, it just is not done right!!!! I try to nap while he makes supper, ha!! "honey, where is this, honey, what do I do now??" Boom, there goes my nap!!
But now, I am not afraid to say NO!! I rest when I need to, and poop on everybody else!! I have long candle lit baths and destress, works great!! If i am too tired to go shopping with my friends, I just say no, and they understand!! And most of all, I am not afraid to admit that I need help. Now when my mom visits, I actually ask her to do things for me!! Big step for me.
Let your daughter take care of you, say no to running off your feet, eat your favorite foods, bask in the sun and before you know it, you will be back to kicking *** again!!!! We all need time to wind down, but people like you and me, just dont want to admit that, It does not make us weaker, just stronger that we are able to admit that we are human. Take care and Fight The Good Fight!!
Hugs and love from Tiger

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Enjoy your rest Jane. You need & deserve it. You were one of the first people on this site to respond to me when I first joined & I am for ever thankful for you & all those like you who have helped me so much. Try to post as often as possible. Get your strength back & return to us refreshed. And give that daughter of yours a great big hug for being there for you. Love to you. Pam

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