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going bye bye again

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Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that if I dont post for awhile, or send some of you personal emails, I am fine, our monitor is crapping out on us, and we have to save up to buy a new one. Sue, If I cannot get on here when I get an update from my own onco, I will call you ,let you know and maybe you can post for me. Take care , and many hugs and lots of blessings and love.

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Tiger, we'll miss you but look foward to your return. Good luck! Cathy

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Rosa, send me your address and I will write to you. Do you still have mine? I just gave away a monitor, it was a small screen but worked well....I could have sent it to you had I known you needed it. Sue, email rosa's address to me if you talk to her and she did not get this message. I do not want to lose touch with her. Nancy

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Tiger - Hope you get a new monitor soon - as I will miss reading your posts - I look up to you so much - and you are so very strong. I wish I could be more like you. Will keep you in my prayers - God Bless. Lucy

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Yes i can do that Tiger, if your monitor gives up the ghost...be glad to...susan

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Hi, Tiger!!

What type of computer do you have? Any specifics you need for the monitor? I need to ask my husband first, but we have a monitor sitting around that goes to an old computer. (I'm not even sure that it still works!!) If he says OK and if it will be of use to you, I would love to send it to you. Let me know. (Also, Sue, if you would please relay this to Tiger just in case she doesn't get it herself.) Just e-mail me with the specifics needed and if it will work (like I said, I will have to check with hubby), it's yours, Tiger.

Hope you are having a great day!!!


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Hi ladies, well so far so good, I have been on the computer for about a half hour now and it is still working!! Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts, it really means alot to me. Of course, the place where we got the computer went out of business!!
I called my onco today, but the receptionist said that he is gone until the end of March, and his nurse was not in today. So I called my homecare nurse and am waiting for her to call me back, I am really not comfortable being taken off the Herceptin, that is really bothering me.I came through the first Taxol with flying colors, some joint pain, and a little sleepy, but other than that, not too bad!!
It is beautiful today, I have the doors and windows open, hopefully some of the snow will start to melt, It is still six feet high in some spots of the yard!!
If I hear from my nurse today, I will try and post again, hopefully my luck continues!!
I wish we could all get together and have tea and a good old fashioned hen peck session!! It would be so nice to actually see all of you!!
Take care of yourselves and hope to be talking to you soon with good news!!
love and hugs from Tiger

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Hope your monitor holds out or you soon get a new one. I have your phone # so may manage to call you once I can talk again. Mouth & throat sores are so bad from latest radiation in neck that I cannot even talk without pain at the moment. am living on smoothies & yoghurt. I can write though so I will send a letter & I have just had some pictures done of me & family so will send you copies. Hang on in there. Love ya. Pam

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