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going awol again!!

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howdy all, how are you all doing? ok, we have some ladies gone AWOL on us again!! Catherine in Taiwan, Tekgal, and Cherdaetwyler, have not posted in a long while. I know vinny,Pat,Judy and Ellen are all still there, but where are the others??
update on my chemo crap, my nurse is going to talk to MY onco on Monday and ask if more Taxol and NO Herceptin is a good idea. I hope he puts me back on the Herceptin, Taxol number one is going pretty good, some pain in joints, but nothing like the very first dose I had in the early fall.I will let you know what the decisions are on Monday. Meanwhile, you all take care and have a great weekend!!
Fight The Good Fight!!!!
Hugs from Tiger

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Rosa, I am so glad you are going to get info. from your regular Onco. Almost every news report lately is giving information about the benefits from Herceptin. If your regular Onco agrees not to use it, then maybe you will feel it is the right decision. It is so hard to know the right thing to do even though we all research and question, all the time. I have missed some of our regular family here, too. Lets hope they are reading and will post again soon. Love to you, Nancy

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HI Tiger - I just wanted to report to you that Tekgal is okay - I e-mail her back and forth at least once a week to keep in touch. Also I want to let you know that you are quite a fighter - and I am so proud of you. God Bless you - Lucy

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Dear Rosa:
Just wanted to say good luck and hope you hear better news about Herceptin. You are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the rest of you ladies. Strength in combined prayers!
As Spock would say--may the force be with you. Brenda in Georgia

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hi, i'm still here but only once in a while, glad to hear things are going oK with you, I'm on a 2 month break from chemo after 9 sessions of taxtere and will be re scanned in end of april..hugs donna gotto

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Hi gang,
sorry I haven't posted but the eye focus problem is so bad that I can not make out the little print in these reply boxes and every time I try I erase the message or just close the site with out submitting. I had my last A/C chemo on Wed last week, then start taxol on 4/3. I do check in and read posts a couple times a week, but even that is difficult with the print lines overlapping in my view. They say this will probably get better once I get on the taxol, but it is very annoying.
any how don't worry if I don't post, I check in and when there is some post that will benefit from what I know or have experienced I will try to put in a reply. Otherwise until eyes improve, I'll just ride it out.
prayers to all, cher

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Well, Cher, I am happy to hear from you. That brings us up to date on you and Tekgal, but still nothing from Catherine. I am worried about her, usually if I do a personal post to her, I hear back quickly. This is the frustrating part, not knowing.
I am still concerned about Jackie, it has been months since we heard from her and she was a pretty faithful writer. I hope everybody else is still doing good, I have not heard from my homecare nurse re : herceptin, but hopefully by tomorrow. So far so good with my monitor!!
Take care and lots of hugs to you all.
Tiger xo

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I'm worried about Catherine too. I have been working on a horoscope for her & she was sending me e-mails asking me when it would be finished. I finally sent it off to her last week & haven't heard a word. She is usually so quick to reply & so very happy to get mail from us all that it is a concern. As I mentioned in the past I have told my family how to post on here if I should be hospitalized or anything else that would stop me posting so I hope we can all make similar arrangements. I have Catherine's personal e-mail so will try another message tonite. Love to you all. Pam

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