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ultrasound vs. mammo

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Last year I was diagnosed at 33 with DCIS on the R. The with a follow-up mammo on the other side the noticed an area of concern resting near the chest wall so then did an ultrasound. The ultrasound found nothing...not even the area of concern. Which do you believe?

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Hi,I'm Cathy. I was also Dx. with DCIS in Aug. It was close to the chest wall too! The mammo. showed the microcalcifications but not the extent that were there once they went in. In fact, I first has a lumpectomy but the margins weren't clear so I had a mastectomy and recon. I would believe the mammo. and have a biopsy to make sure. It's better to catch it early! If the biopsy is neg. then you can relax. Good luck! Let me know how you do. Cathy(Cruf)

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Hi Cathy, I agree with you here...I too had a similar situation....the mammo showed a few microcalcifications and it ended up that there were several areas they found and it was all cancerous so I ended up with a Masetectomy.....I couldn't believe it was all overlooked the first time....whew! Glad I pursued it. They told me that most of them are benign....but it's best to check it out.

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Hi, I am taking excerpts from a book titled "Living Beyond Breast Cancer".
Ultrasound...It is complementary to mammog, allowing further interpretation of what was first seen on mammo, to determine if the lesion is solid or fluid filled, but it cannot determine whether a solid lump is cancerous or not. Nor can it detect calcifications--a helpful indication of possible cancer, that can be seen by standard mammography." The book also says that mammos are difficult to interpret in younger women because their breasts are so much denser.
Did your DCIS originally show up on mammo or ultrasound? Margaret

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