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something showing up on the liver

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I went for all my pre-lumpectomy scans- liver,bone,catscan. The liver sonogram was clear. Iwas ecstatic to hear that news. Then my surgeon called me to tell me that somthing showed up through the catscan on the liver and they want me to have an MRI. I was assured that it is probably just a malignoma or benign cyist. Meanwhile I'm freaking out! Help me get through tonight!

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Hi! We all keep telling eachother not to get all upset about something until you know for sure there's something to be upset about!Of course you're scared but this may turn out to be nothing. Think positively. BELIEVE! I'm rooting for you! Take care! Cathy

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HI, it is really hard to keep calm once you are told there is something there they want to examine again. trust me, I have breast mets liver, a cat scan should show something definate, they can tell by the characteristics of the "bump" and by the protein levels in your blood, whether it is malignant or not. Stay strong and positive, I have been beating it for the past year, and kicking ***!!
Hugs from Tiger

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Hi. Don't know if I can add much more than has already been said. My husband keeps telling me not to borrow trouble by worrying. When do you have the MRI? Take some comfort in what the surgeon said---after all, he has probably been around long enough to have seen many similar cases. I know that all the words in the world cannot make getting through the night any easier.....Take comfort from those around you. Do you have a husband or significant other? If so....go and get a BIG hug from them, cry if you need to, and hopefully you can snuggle up to them for the night....feel safe in their arms. Above all, have faith and trust in the Lord for a positive outcome. I know it is hard, but remember that we are all here for you and you are in the prayers of many. Keep the faith and let us know how it goes. You are in my prayers. Whatever support I can give is yours...just ask. Feel free to e-mail me any time.


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My prayers are with you that this something no more serious than a cyst. I have to have an ultrasound because my gynecologist thinks my liver may be enlarge. I have refused to dwell on that and have kept my mine focused on the fact that we serve a mighty God and He is the Light at the end of the tunnel. Please e-mail me and let me know how you are doing?

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looks like i'm a little too late but i'll throw my 2 cents in also. though hard, don't get ahead of yourself, dealing with the concrete is much easier than dealing with something you're not sure about,
wait until test is over and answers are back, in the meantime, look at the sun and nature and what's there for you today. all of us do not know about tomorrow, you can only deal with today, on today's terms.
I have had mets to liver, bone and lung, talk and pray and listen to others and your replys from god and the angels, that's how we get through.
email me anytime, i'd be glad to get to know you more. hugs, donna gotto

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