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Gifts From God

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Hi Everyone!!
It seems that all we do sometimes is have another test and then have to wait for the results. Blood work every week, etc. It gets tiresome and waiting on the results can be grueling. Anyway, I went to see my GYN for the "yearly visit" about 2 weeks ago....he said everything "looked" good. I scheduled a mammogram (because it ws past time and also because the Onc. wanted to have one on the remaining breast) for 3/9. I got the results of the pap and the mammo and everything is "normal" with the recommendation to have it done again in a year. YEAH!!! It seems that every favorable test result makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude. I am just so thankful for these "little" gifts from God and wanted to share them with all of you. I also want to let you know that I am truly thankful for the friendship, acceptance, and encouragement that I have found from all of you. Thank you for being here---you are ALL Gifts From God.
I see that I am rambling on, again. You all take care and have a great day!!!!

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Wendy,CONGRATULATIONS! That's great news. It really feels good to get good news for a change. I also had my yearly GYN appt. and everything was good.(My mammo. isn't until July,so I'll just pray that that too will be ok! Take care! Cathy

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Hi Wendy,
Wow, that is fantastic news! Thank you for sharing your good news with us....it does make our day too! Talk about the awesome power of prayer! God bless you! Dee

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Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the reminder, I am due for my yearly PAP this month. PTL that God is blessing all of your days. Margaret

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Hi Wendy, I am happy for the good news you got, it really does lift us all to hear good news on here. Did that make sense? I had chemo again on Tues and am a bit screwed up. Take care.
hugs from Tiger

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Hi Wendy:

I am glad all of your tests were fine. Are you through with chemo? I finished chemo in December. Since that time I have had a little over a pint of fluid drained from my right lung because of the chemo drug I had been on called Taxotere. I had my mammogram and it was fine. I went to see my surgeon and everything was ok. My gynecologist has ordered and ultrasound which I will do next Thursday because he could not tell when he examined me if my liver was enlarged.

I have refused to dwell on this and have put it in the hands of the Lord. He is our Candle, our Light at the end of the tunnel. His flame never goes out.

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Hi Wendy, GREAT news. You are right about the gifts from GOD. If we look for them we can see them everywhere and in everyone. Love to you, Nancy

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your words asre so right on, thanks, hugs and prayers, donna gotto

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