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another after effect of radiation

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five months after the end of radiation for laryngeal cancer (and with all the usual effects) I find that my esophagus has been
"shrink wrapped" or "crazy glued" at its uppermost part. No doctor's instrument, tube, light,or scope can gain entry. I am unable to swallow anything, even remaining saliva, and am feeding through a stomach tube. Doctors tell me this condition is very rare; some have never seen it. I am also told that it will not repair itself. Am looking for any knowledge on this condition and, better yet, any reports of successful repairs. Thanks for any information. Peter

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My wife was radiated from the esophagus to the pelvic area because of three spinal mets. However, she was also receiving intrathecal methotrexate at the same time(doubles the effective dosages of each modality). She suffered the exact same side effects as you described, however, it didn't occur until at least 12 months later. Her last days were with a feeding tube(j-tube).

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