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new to the forum

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I am a 19 year old Hodgkin's survivor--I just found this website. My one year of remission anniversary is March 27th. I just wanted to join the forum and support anyone who needs someone to talk to who has been there and came through it. I'm not sure what else to post, so, if anyone wants or needs to talk, feel free to contact me.

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Hi Becky,
I to am new to the forum, but old to the Hodgkin's Disease. I was 17 when I was diagnosed and remission at 18. I am please to say it was 14 years ago.

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Hi Becky, I am Rory a survivor of Hodgkins. I got HD when I was 20, 27 years ago. I have developed a few long term affects from radiation and have in the last few months done a lot of research on the subject. What stage were you? Did you have chemo, radiation or both? Have you had any long term affects? There is a book out entitled Childhood Cancer Survivors by Nancy Keene that you might find interesting. Also, I came across a long term list where several survivors communicate about there past and present experiences with HD and treatment. If you want the URL I will send it to you.

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Dear Becky,
I am a 23 year old survivor of Hodgkin's. I feel silly writing to you because I don't know you but I feel that having cancer is lonely and sets me aside from many people within my age group. Before I got sick, I was a party machine in college. Now that I have been through chemo and all that crap, I can easily pass on a night of drinking. I seem to feel as though my body has had enough toxins put in it through chemo and radiation, that I don't need to contribute to it. . .Anyway, I finished six months of chemo and three weeks of radiation in October of 2000. Since then, it has taken me forever to get back on my feet. I have now gotten to the point where I moved out of my house (my parents are divorcing and it was too stressful for me to live there) and live and work with my boyfriend in New Jersey. I plan to go part time to William Paterson in the fall to obtain my Master's degree. I know many people who have had cancer have this happy, strong outlook on life but having this disease has been very crippling to me in many ways. I, unlike many survivors, am not down on my knees thanking God all the time. I constantly live with the fear that this disease is coming back. I can't tell you how many times a day I absently run my hands over my lymph nodes expecting to feel some kind of hardness or tumor. I don't feel as though I am living right now--I am only waiting. I'm sorry if you're one of those cheery people. I didn't have a strong family support and having cancer has made me feel very alone in many ways. I would love to write back and forth to you and other survivors. I think that I need this positive reinforcement in my life. Write me back--I promise I'll try not to be so depressing next time. . .


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Hi Teresa, my name is Tami and I'm 29. I can tell you this, Surviorship is very tough to deal with. I am having a hard time myself. I finished my treatments in April of 2000 and I went through a bone marrow transplant and radiation twice before I was in the "clear". I am constantly thinking my Hodgkins is back and not a moment goes by where I think I feel lumps growing again. I often ask myself How do people move on??? I do have a wonderful family support so I am fortunate there, but it's difficult at times to talk to people who have not experienced what we have. I am here if you want to talk back and forth. I think we are having the same feelings!! I do appreciate each day now and try to look at things more positively, but man, at times it tough! Write if you want!!

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My name is Dave and I am a
survivor of Hodgkin's Disease.
Wether you know it or now, you just
made a good first step to becoming
one ot those "cheery people". :)
Just be aware that every year
your'e free of cancer means that you
have less of a chance of it coming back.
Once you hit the 10 year mark,
they consider you cured ! :)

As odd as it might sound,
get active in your community,
( I was given this advice, myself,
it worked !)

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