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More Radiation Questions

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Hi All, I will be starting the radiation part of my therapy about the end of April. I am starting to research this part of treatment now. Because I had 1 positive lymph node, the sentinel node, My radiation Onco tells me I will need the underarm treated too. I know this may add to the possibility of developing lymphedema. Has anyone had the underarm treated and what were the results of that treatment. Also, because I have had chemo, will the burning be more severe? I am doing more arm exercise now, doing my exercises 30 times each and twice a day. Any other suggestions? Entering another chapter of the "unknown"....Love to all, Nancy

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Hi Ellen, Soooo good to hear from you. I keep looking for the names we started out with last September ( seems so long ago ). I will be sure to use lots of creams everywhere. Did you apply more than once a day? Ellen, spring is coming!! Love to you, Nancy

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hi Nancy,
The most fasinating thing that I found out about radiation was why we even had to have it. Do you? I learned the worst part of our breast cancer is the removal of the tumor. Who would of thought? The reason that radiation is done in such a vast area considering the tumor size, is the possibility of seading itself at the incision of our surgery. With that knowledge I always thought that it was best to do it all.

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I cannot stress the fact that you should use your lotions! Use them everytime you think of it. I did and the side effects were minimal. A woman who was going through radiation at the same time did not and boy did she suffer with broken skin.

Good Luck!

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Thanks to all of you for giving me advice about the lotions. I will apply and apply again, lotion, everytime I think of it. Something new is always a little unsetteling, but I know this radiation will not be as bad as the chemo. Thanks atgain, Love to everyone, Nancy

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