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Premarin cream

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I have been given a prescription for this estrogen giving cream, after breast cancer treatment that makes me afraid to use it. It will, of course, be helpful to my marriage, but I'm afraid it will be harmful to my body. Any suggestions?

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Hi, Were you estrogen receptor positive? Also does your oncologist approve your using the cream? Margaret

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Hi, I had breast cancer in 1995, I used premarin cream until last week. The doctor told me it CAN be absorbed through the skin. I have an appointment Friday with a surgeon. I have just been diagnosed with ovarain cancer. The doctor recommeded KY jelly. A little late though. I would never have used it if I had known it can be absorbed. Good luck.

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I asked my surgeon about the cream. Mine was not hormone receptive and he still said absolutely not!

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I was using estring before I was diagnosed. I am told the amount of estrogen absorbed is tiny and much less than premarin. The other product I looked into is called Femtabs these also are also minimally absorbed but perhaps a little more than Estring. I loved Estring but I've decided not to use it for now. My breast surgeon said it was okay and I got two differing opinions from oncologists (no from my old fashioned oncologist and yes, the risks are minial, from an academic consultant oncologist) I decided not to take the chance because I found that my vaginal dryness diminished after chemotherapy and may have been partly due to the chemo. Also, I found the long acting KY jelly every two days works pretty well. Its hard to find in the stores but I was able to get it over the internet at drugstore.com.

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