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76 Year Old Mom with Stomach Cancer

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My mother recently had her entire stomach removed, spleen and part of her esophogus. She currently has a drain and attached drain bag and a J tube for feeding. She cannot have anything by mouth and hasn't since her surgery on Jan. 10, 2001. Does anyone have a similar experience? Have you ever been able to eat and drink again? If yes, how long did it take? Is there anyone out there who cannot eat or drink again and must survive on the feeding tube nutrition? How are you dealing with this, especially when around others that can eat? Can you tell me how I can help my mother get motivated to regain her strength, get over her depression, and feel good that she was able to have the surgery and has a second chance to enjoy the rest of her life? How can I cope with the fact that my mother can last either 6 months or 5 Plus years without it totally absorbing me. I am in tears quite often. I am frightened for my mother and upset about the possibility of loosing her. I could go on and on, but I will await anyone's comments, advice and experiences.

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Hi! I am very sorry to hear about this. I and 2 other people here in the Atlanta area have had my entire stomach and lower esophagus removed and I am eating. Although I have to puree some things and eat real slowly I am now beginning to maintain my weight. I am 5 months out of surgery. I also had chemo and radiation. I really don't know what to say about your mom's condition. I know that when I can't hold my food down, I get real frustrated but what is the alternative. I just don't understand why they are not letting her eat. How far out of surgery is she? It may be that they want her to heal up a bit. I am very sorry about this as I know it must be real hard for you. Please write to me or call me at 678-778-7524 if you need to talk. Trish

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Hi my name is Linda, my 51 year old mother was just diagnosed with stomach cancer 3 days ago, in two weeks she will have surgery they will be removing her entir estomach. I have no idea what will happened. Were you told that this was going to happen after the surgery. My mother is very reluctant to have the surgery because she does not want to live like this. I am scared, I too do not want to lose her. She is my everything. I empathize your situation for I know it's really hard. I try to be very strong for her but it is very hard to do. Tell let me knwo if the doctors had warned you that after the surgery she would have to feed from the tube or was this unexpected.

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