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Tigers test results

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Howdy all, I hope this finds you all doing well. Have your drains come out yet Sue? Well, I am going to loose my poor pitiful stubble once again!! The cat scan results show in the radiologists opinion "virtually no change" and last cat scan before that read"tumours invisible within the normal margins of the cat scan", but I had to see a different onco today as mine was on holidays. Anyway, this guy knew nothing about my history, and was very quiet and had sort of a defetist attitude, he treated me very gently, with great pauses in between sentences etc. He feels the Herceptin is not working(I thought the deal with Herceptin was to keep the tumours from growing?? Which is what it did) So he was going to put me on a drug called Zolodex, but I said well, what about more Taxol as it worked so well the first time, he said no, then he went out to confer with a collegue, and came back all smiles and said, " I spoke to a collegue of mine and he feels you should go back on Taxol, and I agree" Well, duh, did I not just ask that?? Anyway, three more of Taxol, then a ct and then a trip in the first week of May to my normal onco. so my hubby is getting his wish, I will be bald again!! Ah well, the harder the fight, the sweeter the reward.
Take care and Fight The Good Fight!!
Lets kick some cancer ***!!!!!!!!
Hugs and love from Tiger(Rosa)

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Hi Rosa: Goodness, what a difference in onc. My last scans sounded just like yours and my doctor was elated. NO change was a good thing--that the Herceptin was working! Are you sure you don't need to ask more questions? I felt confident in my doctor's opinion--he put my next appointment off for three months instead of the three or four weeks time space. Now you have me worried. God bless you and keep you strong. (Did you get my e-mail sent few weeks ago? Just curious.) Brenda in GA.

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Hi Rosa, i know this doctors visit must have left you confused, because it confuses me. If there is no change since the last CT and that CT showed no tumor growth and tumors were invisible, then it seems that your Herceptin is working. Maybe he feels the Taxol is the most effective drug, but how could he know which drug is working well when you are taking them together! Three more Taxol is discouraging news, but try not to let it get you down. This cancer does not know who it is dealing with!!!It does not know that our Rosa is a Tiger...Wish you did not have to wait until the first week of May to see your regular doctor. Is there any chance you could see him sooner? Maybe a phone call to ask him questions after you have had time to think this out. I missed your hubby wanting you to be bald again..why does he want you to be bald or should I ask? Honey, if love and good wishes could make you healthy, you would be an Olympic runner. You remain in my talks with GOD everyday and everynight. Hugs back to you, Nancy

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Rosa, When is your regular ONC coming off holiday? Can you double check with him about this TX choice? Good Luck Sharon

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Hi Tiger..yes I am recovering from mastectomy, but it is being rather slow...Just read about more taxol for you. when you get through this Tiger I would like you to write a book...I am an editor and I will edit it for you...it will be such an inspiration to others...as you are an inspiration to us all here. So keep notes, all your test results etc, for when we do it. Oh, my hair is comign back...and I think it is darker! Love susan

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DEar Rosa

So pleased to hear about your test results. Rather confusing with the new onco though. They all seem to have such different attitudes. Read Sue's reply about a book. Not a bad idea as you've been through the lot. I have kept a journal ever since I was DX again & it is so useful to go back over it & see your ups & downs & changes in feelings. I don't know why I started it but it has been cathartic for me. Anyway I am sorry you need more Taxol but know you will keep up the fight & be cancer free. As you say Let's kick some cancer ***. My love to you. Pam

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tiger...you have a survivors attitude...cancer is brave to try and take you on!
I think I would talk it over with my regular oncologist, when he gets back and see if he is in agreement, I don't even like the guy that subs for my onco,and wouldn't change anything without checking with my regular doctor too. Keep up that great fighting spirit and your body will respond in accordance.....lindy

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Hi ladies, thanks for all your input, it is very confusing and just not right, but I figure if the Taxol worked so well, it can only get better. My regular onco will be back in Three weeks and will call me, my paramed nurse is calling my onco nurse and finding out what the hell is going on. I thought the purpose of the herceptin is to keep the tumours from growing, which is exactly what it is doing, but he says it is not working??!! Anyway, first of three more Taxol today, went well, hopefully not too much pain like last time. I will keep you informed.
Sue, it is funny that you mentioned to write a book, I have been giving it serious thought, I write better than I speak, and can pour my guts out on the keyboard, I think I will start , I have your home address and will send you copies as I go along, I think It is a great idea!!!!
Love,Hugs and lots of laughter coming your way, take care and I will talk to you all later.
Rosa (Tiger) xo

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Hey all, me again, I forgot to tell you that when i saw the onco nurse, she was so gentle and treated me like I was an egg about to break, she said"how are you feeling dear?" I paused, smiled , and said" I am doing awesome!!" She was so surprised!! She asked if she could quote me and I said sure, Just ask my regular nurse how good I am!! I think she was happy to have a happy patient for a change.
hugs from Tiger

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Hi Tiger, Don't you love it when the doctors don't listen to you.....you could have saved him a lot of time! You will be in my prayers kiddo....you keep on fighting!! Hey kiddo....bald is beautiful! I'm married to a baldie and I love it! You take care you hear!
God bless, Dee

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