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another new one

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Just got diagnosed a week ago and am scheduled for a lumpectomy on the 23. I can't help feeling like this little lump is taking over my whole body. My son turned 7 yesterday.My mother died when I was 8. I'm trying very hard to think positively but it's soooo hard. I know I'll feel a little better after the liver sonogram and bone scan on tuesday. I would love to hear any encouragement. Also what's been your experience with wigs vs hats, hairpieces, etc. Thanks

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Hello lbgal, I am so sorry this has happened to you. Yes, it does take over your life for awhile and there is little you can do about that. Just stay as positive about this as possible and remember always that "cancer is the most cureable of all chronis diseases" Today the goal is not just to prolong life, but to CURE the disease. That is the opening statement in the Richard Bloch book, "Fighting Cancer". Read positive material and ignore everything else. Hopefully this was caught early because you refer to the tumor as a little lump. I was dx last September, a 2cm. ductal tumor with 1 lymph node positive. I am almost through with chemo and will have radiation next. You will read from everyone here, that the cancer does make us appreciate our life in a whole new way. I have found that I have a patience that I did not have before the cancer and I look for the good part of everything around me. I do wear a wig and have worn one since my hair first started falling out. I like it better than my real hair. It is a Racheal Welsh wig and is short and shaggy.(same color as my old hair)It looks so natural that people do not know it is a wig. I found the hats bothered my ears too much, the same with scarves, but I do wear a scarf sometimes around the house and just let my ears poke out...You have found this site and here you will get a lot of positive thoughts from all of us. We are all a family and in this fight together. Talk to us whenever you feel low and we will answer back right away. Your new friend, Nancy

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Hi - We all understand exactly what you are going through. The one thing you need to remember is to keep a positive attitude - that will get you through all of this. I had a masectomy in May, and at that time I was feeling exactly the same as you do now. I had 4 treatments of AC chemo and lost all my hair also. I was told that I would lose my hair, so I took my beautician with me to a place that sells wigs for to help me pick out one. She helped me match the color of my hair and was able to get the closest to my hair style. She needed to do some trimming on it and that was all it needed. I had a great wig and wore it all the time, except for at times around home. I was able to take the wig off in the middle of January and now my hair is growing back CURLY. Yes, my dear, there is hope and you will do fine - just keep your chin up. Also, remember that the power of prayer is very powerful.
God Bless, Lucy

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Hi, I had a lumpectomy back in 7/98 and I am doing fine now. The first 30 days from diagnosis seem to be the worst mainly because so much info is coming at you so fast. Have your husband or a close friend attend your doctor appts with you to take notes and continue to log onto this site to pose questions. I went thru chemo and bought a wig that was close to my hair style before the chemo started . I wore the wig (mainly to work) for about 10 months. When my hair grew back it came in curly and everyone liked the new short hair style so I have kept it short. I did have some knit caps to wear to bed that kept my head warm.They weren't as bulky as hats and they wouldn't fall off. Also a synthetic wig might sizzle if you open a hot oven so it would be helpful to have some hats or caps handy when you are cooking in the kitchen or need to answer the door. Keep us all posted on your progress. Blessings, Margaret

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Yes, everyone says to think positive...before there is something positive to hang on to. but there will be, when the bone scan is clear, you will feel like a million bucks! At first, it is so hard, but may I assure you, that as you gain knowledge you will realise that breast cancer is no longer the fatal thing it used to be, and you will meet many many people who have survivied it. but dont be too hard on yourself..your spirits will bounce back on their own. As for hair..I decided not to bother with wigs cos had heard they were hot. So I have worn hats, and they have been a source of much fun. Plus, because of the hat, I got to hear lots of words of encouragement from people, becasue they realised I must be on on chemo. I found I had friends I didnt know of. Hope this helps in some way..Susan

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This is a great site, so keep coming back. There are lots of emotions and questions in the begining and from my experience so far with each new stage of this there are new questions but the gals on this board are great at sharing. I didn't like my wig it was hot and itchy so I wore hats and scrarfs when I went out and at home I just let the old melon glow. But there was only my adult son around to glow at.
Good luck with your test results tomorrow and remember no matter what the results are it is information to help in your journey.Keep posting!

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Good Morning lbgal, I know you go to have your bone scan and liver sonogram today. On the bone scan, they look for "hot spots". The xray will show a bright white spot. Arthritis will show as a bright spot and the injection site will show as a bright spot. ( where they inject the nuclear medicine) I also showed a bright spot where I went to the bathroom. My tech showed me the xray and pointed out the arthritis in my knee and told me what it was. Really helped, because I did not get my doctors report on that scan for several weeks and I would have been worried. I have not had the liver sonogram, my Onco has not seen a need for it, yet. Good luck with the tests, and post back as soon as you get your GOOD RESULTS. Love to you, Nancy

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Welcome, lbgal!! So glad you've joined us. The waiting is hard, but just keep busy and try to keep your mind off it. You are LUCKY that the lump was found early. So glad you don't need a mastectomy. I believe that you will heal from this surgery much quicker. I had a mod. rad. mastectomy on 1/26 and am still working on my range of motion!! My youngest just turned 6 mos. (I have three other kids between 12 and 18), so I think I can imagine the range of emotions you are feeling. Just think of your son---there's the BEST reason to fight this beast and keep going. I am sure that the fact that you lost your mother at an early age also brings in a large range of emotions, too. What type of treatments will you be having after the lumpectomy? I started on chemo a month ago (a little over 2 weeks after my surgery). I have already lost my hair and spend much of my time with a bandana or one of the caps that I have been given. I am not much of a hat person, but people keep giving them to me!! I also have two wigs that I got from the ACS office and my hairdresser styled them to look more like my usual self. I have only worn one of them once, and it was very itchy. Will probably wear more when I go to church or for special things. I have not let my son see my bare head--he is only 12--and my oldest daughter (18) doesn't want to see me without something on my head yet. The best suggestion I ever got was that if the dr. tells you that you will lose your hair on chemo--get your hair cut real short BEFORE you begin....it will make it a bit easier for you when it does begin to fall out. Also, once it begins to fall out---have your hairdresser (or hubby) shave it off. Better to get rid of it all at once than to fret each time you get a big glob of hair in your hand!! Well, I have rambled on too long. Good luck to you, be strong, and know that you can always come to this site for help and support. Whatever help and support I can give you is yours. Please feel free to e-mail me at any time. Most of all--don't give up!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Praying for good results on your liver sonnogram and bone scan today.


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Just read your e-mail. Good luck with the lumpectomy - you will be OK. Are you going to have radiotherapy and chemo after. I did (two years ago) and I am a strange one as the cancer first went to my femur bone in my leg before I discovered the lump in my breast. I didn't loose my hair (I think your drugs in America are stronger than ours in the UK). It can be very hard on times to be positive but my doctors gave me up two years ago and what the hell I like to stick around and prove them wrong. Just keep cuddling your son and you will get all your strength from him.
God bless - Lynne

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