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Hi everyone...I feel like one of the people on the survivor TV show. All I think about is "FOOD." Nothing tastes good and everything I eat leaves me wanting something good to eat. I eat vegetables and salad and sometimes an omlet. A baked potato with salsa will sometimes satisfy me but I am looking for good food. What are you eating that tastes good and lets you feel like you have eaten a real meal?

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I feel the same way.. I think our bodies need the extra protein and calories to replenish it self...I've been going to the health food market and getting myself big Tbone steaks [hormone free] or salmon steaks... when I really feel hungry, I grill one in the afternoon , and eat it all. then cook the family spaghetti for dinner...hahaha..... if I don't have any appetite I have nonfat organic yogurt with strawberries, blueberries a banana and a tangerine in it and sprinkle ground flax seeds on top for good measure,,,easy to digest and very good for you too......lindy

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Hi Ma, I know what you mean, try sucking on something lemony, it helps with the yucky taste after the Taxol. I used to eat mashed potatoes and egg salad sandwhiches, it was the only thing that tasted good. After the gross taste wore off, I ate like a starving moose, because everything tasted so good, alas, forty lbs later, I am trying to loose it!!You are almost done, it will be over before you realize it. Take care.
Hugs from Rosa

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I found salty things appealed. and strong tasting things...like sardines on toast...I also found it helped to make my self a platter of crackers, cheeses, pate etc, and I ate as I did something else. I found I ate much better too if I had company, or went out with company....so anxiety must have been a lot to do with it...Love Susan

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Try a hearty bowl of chicken and vegetable soup. Add cooked rice (brown is better) or cooked barley to it for bulk. If you make a big pot of soup you can keep it in the frig and just microwave a bowl for yourself whenever you feel like eating. Or you can keep the soup warm all day by using a crockpot. Add enough protein in your salads like grilled chicken breasts or garbanzo beans. Iceberg lettuce doesn't have much nutrients in it so go for the greener greens like romaine or spinach. Fats fill you up too but the "good" fats are in avocados, nuts,olive oil and salmon. When nauseated I couldn't keep down acidic drinks like orange juice so I sipped vanilla shakes and ate almond jello to prevent dehydration. Once in a while when I wasn't nauseous, I went out for a 1/4lb burger and onion rings!! My husband and I celebrated the end of chemo by going to an all you could eat buffet. Blessings, Margaret

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Hi Nancy
Reading all these posts is making me hungry. I agree, I can't seem to get enough food. Andy laughs at me cause I'm chewing my breakfast thinking about what's next. I pack a bag for work, you would like I'm feeding the whole office, I just eat all day. Veggies, Salad, Fruit, Cheerieos. Trying to eat right for the "C" and High Collesterol. Whopping 285 this time. But I like the idea of the TBone and Hamburger. Maybe I'll just have me one tonight. Love to you, vinnie

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Are you on Adriamycin and Cytoxan? Or Taxol? Those were my drugs. The A/C was the worst, with a metallic taste most of the time. I found that anything with lots of spices and/or tomatoes seemed to satisfy me -- pizza, mexican, spaghetti. The Taxol didn't leave a bad taste, but seemed to destroy taste buds in general. Then mostly salt and sugar were the only things I could taste. I'm about 6 weeks past chemo, and things are back to normal again! Have faith -- this too shall pass. (P.S. I had to get over the "guilt" of not always eating really healthy during chemo. I figured eating something was better than eating nothing.)

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Hi Mellie, I don't think you and I have talked before. You are right about tomato/spicy mexican tasting good. That is about the only thing that does taste good. I am on Taxol, one left. It is very encouraging to hear that your taste is normal again after 6 weeks. I will look forward to being 6 weeks out. Thanks for responding, NancyS

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