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it can be damn tough

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it was so hard to be the only one taking care of my mom but i'd do it again and ten times better if she could come back for just a while or if i could have made all the pain go away

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Hi suhaila,
My mother just died of cancer. It was diagnosed to late and she had bone metastasis. They never found the primary cancer but she was in the hospital for 1 month while they were trying to locate it. I was by her side everyday and saw I the cancer was eating her away. By the end she wasn't the same woman anymore physically. When they decided to start chemo she died that same day. I guess for her it was best. She was 75 and never sick in her life. She llived with me, my husband and 2 boys. I too am an only child so I know too! Even though our parents must go before us it's really hard to cope with especially when the person shared your daily life and enjoyed life.
Be strong and keep in touch.

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I understand what you are going through. My Mom just died in September of cancer and we were her caregivers.

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It's so true, It hurts so Bad if I could do it over for my husband I would, if I could only of did it for him I would. We only made it 6 months, GOD I MISS HIM

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I know that it can be tough because I also lost my mother to cancer so many years ago. I think of her everyday. I also would take care of her all over again too. I learn from my mother because I was diagnosed with breast cancer thirty teen years ago. I'm doing good. I wrote a book to share my story with other about my life. The name of the book,I Believe in Myself-I Don't Have to Cry Anymore, Cancer Survivor, Plus. You can buy the book on the internet from the bookstores bn.com and amazon.com and most bookstores. I hope you will take the memories that you share with your mother and learn to go on with your life. I have with the help of God. Let me know how you are doing.

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