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Thank for the encouragement

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THank you all for the encouraging words of wisdom. I hope this ends up in the right message response but I guess I will find out once I click. I did try to walk more since I first posted, however, I came down with a nasty case of bronchotis yesterday so I will have to cool it for a few days till the antibiotics take affect and I can breathe again. I live in Sunny So. Ca where it has been raining for the last month. Florida sounds good!

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My name is Wendy and I also live in So. Calif. (the upper Mojave Desert, to be exact). We have had more rain here in the last 6 weeks than we've had in the last 2 years, I think!!!
Anyway, welcome. I won't bore you with my story, but you can go back to my first post and read my dissertation from 2/20. I am just starting on the treatments--half way through my A/C with radiation and then 4 doses of Taxol to follow.
Hope your bronchitis is better each day and that you can get back to exercising soon. I hope to be able to get up enough energy (and to make time) to go up to the gym and use the treadmill. Where abouts in "sunny" So. Calif. do you live? There seem to be several of us in the same area here on the site.
Take care and my prayers are with you for a quick recovery from the bronchitis. Write any time!!

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Hi again - I am sorry to hear that you picked up that awful bronchitis. I know when I am up home in Pa., I always ended up getting that stuff in the winter. Down here in Florida our weather has been so very beautiful and sunny. We had hard wind for 3 days, but that has died down and we are back up to the high 70's. Come on down to join me and you can walk with me - I go in the mornings and also in the evenings. I know when you are able to get back out there, you will become stronger and start feeling better all over. My prayers are with you.
In christian love, Lucy

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Lucy, walk a few steps for me while you are out enjoying your walk in the sun. I think we forgot what it looks like. However today the sun did come out and it is 63 but another storm is due in tormorrow night or saturday.

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I live in Yucaipa. I finished my chemo a/c and taxol on halloween. Hope yours goes well. For me there was no rad but with the a/c I had nausea for about three or four days then just semi tired.Took compazine(sp)didn't have much appetite but doc said not to loose weight. so ate anything that would stay down and drank a lot of ensure.The taxol really hit my bad joint and muscles but the doc gave me vicadin for that and it only lasted for a few days. then again I was just tired. The antibiotic the doc gave me for my bronchitis is giving me leg cramps, so I quess I won't be walking for a few days again. It just seems like everything goes to my weak sore joints. Sorry about the Bi..... Hope the rain stops for awhile and the sun will shine in all our lives. Sharon

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