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balancing act

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i roared with laughter when i read dee's description about adding weight to her empty bra, since I just had a masctecomy last week...and i can relate!I was given a tip...which i have to confess I have not tried yet...to stop new boob from taking a hike over shoulder...and that is to use one of those things that are kinda like elastic with clips on the end, and attach one end to bra and one to someting at waist level..like top of panties, or waistband of pants, and this anchors the damn thin, thus keeping it in the generally correct vicinity! A friend is getting one for me, so i will let yu all know what happens...I know you can hardly stand the wait...but my incision needs to heal a bit more first ladies...and I know you all understand that. Here's to keeping boobs under control...Love susan

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Hi Susan,

I just want to say that you as well as everyone else on here give me such hope. Sense of Humor is something you desparately need here and you guys make me smile everyday. Keep up the positive attitude it is contagious. Love, Florence

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Hi Susan,
I know just what you are talking about....my husband was totally puzzled when I purchased diaper pins while at the grocery store a few weeks ago. I was using them to pin my bra to the waistband of my pants.....I knew diaper pins wouldn't open and stab me....they worked great and kept the "jiggler" in place. Whatever works! I hope you are doing well and will keep you in my prayers. Take care,

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Hey, i'm new at this. Can you answer a question for me? Who tells you when it is okay to were a new chest? Your surgeon? Your primary physican? How long do you wait? Were can I go for these questions? I would apprecate any help, thanks!

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