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STILL cant get in!!!!

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Hi again, I tried the chat room again tonight, there were three people in there and I submitted a message, waited for 10 minutes and no reply, the screen jumps as if it is going to show something, but nothing comes up, am i not waiting long enough for a reply or doing something wrong????

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Rosa,email Tony and give him your info on your computer. processor,browser and version. I told him I was using windows 98 and used cable roadrunner. (not sure he needed that info). He can use this information to help him program the site. I did get in today, this morning. You are not doing anything wrong, it is just the "bugs" tony speaks about. I know it's frustrating to see a name you really want to talk to and not be able to get a response. I saw Pam and Angie there this morning and I jumped for joy to talk to them. Will email u tonight. Hugs back, nancy

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Hi Rosa! You're probably doing everything right. People forget to click "quit chat" therefore their name stays on the board. Keep trying. When it works, it's awsome!! Cathy

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Keep trying Rosa. We have a lot of success at 6.30 am weekdays my time which is 12.30 am EST, 11.30pm CST & 9.30 pm PST I think. We have had some lovely chats with Nanacy, Maggie, Wendy & Angie. How did your check up go. Worrying about you. Love Pam

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