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Help for a friend

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Hi everybody. Afriends brother just had radical neck surgery for cancer . He also has a tumor behind his nose. He's now being treated with radiation. He's experiencing severe skin burns around his neck as well as sensation of "razor blades" and dryness in his throat. Lost 15 lbs already. Food tastes like aluminum. Any suggestions would be appreciated re: skin lotions or anything to help his throat and tastebuds. Thanks!! Cathy

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Hi Cathy

The usual pure aloe vera should help the burns as well as avoiding perfumed soap etc. As for the mouth I just started my 5th course of radiation today for yet another new tumor at top of my neck & radiation oncologist has given me steroids to minimise damage & a special mouthwash & gargle to help the mouth sores & dryness as the radiation is affecting me there too. I only finished may llast course a wewek ago so I can appreciate how he feels. Hope this is of some help. LOve Pam

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