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lindys limerick

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A thought occured to me yesterday

As I sat observing my shiny pate

So Smooth...

SO Clean...

Why, it seems to glow...

Chemo, sez I, can really be tough

but it certainly cured that stubborn dandruff!


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Hi Lindy, I read your powerful testimony on your website. Just wanted you to know that my dad died but accepted Christ one week before he died and I was diagnosed one week after his funeral; he never knew I had cancer. God gave me the time to rejoice in his salvation at his funeral and then deal with my own healing afterwards. Another cancer patient gave me the tape with Michael Crawford singing, "And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of HIS hand. God truly is wonderul. Blessings, Margaret

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Hi Lindysu: Very powerful web page. I kept reading it over, i didn't want to miss anything. I love your post, I personally can't wait for my hair to start growing. I have one more Taxol then radiation. I'm hoping as soon as Taxol is over I should start seeing some growth, just in time for the spring/summer. Welcome. Your friend, vinnie

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Hi Lindy, Just read your web page. I too have wondered about the lymph node dissection because it is purely for diagnostic evaluation. If the doctor knows already that you will receive chemo then the lymph node check is unecessary. I had it and yet going in I knew there would be chemo because of the Her-2/neu gene. I could have saved myself this discomfort. Not as wise as you. I too, believe that GOD speaks to us. I had an experience with a letter. I was having serious back problems and spent 3 weeks in bed, unable to move without muscle spasms. I was so depressed and one night I just gave my pain to GOD and asked him to guide me. The next day I got a letter in the mail that was meant for a neighbor up the street. The letter was from an orthopedic group that my daughter had told me about a few days before. I went to these doctors as soon as I could walk and had back surgery with total confidence that was the right thing to do. That letter was no coincidence. I admire your attitude and you will do well in your treatment and kick this cancer sky high. Welcome to our site, you will encourage everyone here to be positive. Your friend, Nancy

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