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non-small cell lung cancer

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i found out in Aug. that I have Lung cancer stage 4,that spread to my left adreal gland and right ovary. I was put on Toxel and Carboplaten, every 3 weeks. That worked to shrink the ovary.
I just had CT Scan and found the tumor in my lung to have grown it is now 3cm the adreanl gland remains the same.
I understand my changes are not very good, is there anyone who has a similar type of cancer that is doing well? this is very scary

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I am sorry to hear about your cancer. I know this is so scary for you. My dad was diagnosed this past Oct with small cell carcinoma in lung and mets in liver. He has been going through chemo for 3 days every three weeks. He is receiving carboplatinum and V16. He will be receiving his last round this week. He is in remission! The tumors are not showing up in his scans and x-rays now! We are very excited about this. I hope you will respond very soon and get this under control. Please keep a positive attitude. I know that's what has helped my daddy. He's got a great attitude. Good luck and keep in touch.

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Thank you so much for your message! I'm so happy to hear your father is in remission. Trying to keep a positive attitude is so hard sometimes. But I'm trying. Good luck to you and your father. thanks again for your respond.

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I found out in August just like you that i have the same cancer as you. i just joined if i find out anything i will let you know. Please do the same for me

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The Toxal and Carbo are no longer working and the tumor in my lung has grown to 3cm. my doctor has changed my treatment and on March 2 I had my first and last treatment of Gemzar, my red blood count is so low I have not had anymore treatments.
I found out about Stereotactic Radiosurgery at Staten Island Hospital, I have an appointment on March 23. I heard that
radiosurgery is not surgery like radition. anyway they think they can help me. i'll let you know of i make out. Do you live in the New York area?

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