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Won't be on as much

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Hey gang. Just want you to know to not worry about me. I'm doing fine. Just have to get a few minor health problems solved and then I'll be good as new. I'm having a terrible time with my thyroid and as most of you know, when your thyroid is not working right you get into a depression. That's the stage I'm at right now. I go to an endocrinologist on April 12, could not get in any sooner. The chest spasms have been driving me absolutlely crazy too, but maybe they are under control now. When to a neurologist that my GI doctor recommended. It turned out he's a psychiatrist also. My daughter does the billing for the GI doc and she's always saying that her mother is nuts. Well, I am on the high end of the depression scale. But that is due to what has ensued over the past two years and the thyroid. So the neurologist, Dr. Novak, put me on Skelaxin for the spasms and Effexor for the depression. Let me tell you, the Skelaxin has worked wonders. It has gotten rid of pains that I had gotten used to and just didn't pay attention to anymore. It's a muscle relaxer. We'll see what the Effexor does. When I took it for the hot flashes at a very low dose it worked well with those, got rid of them. So, just wish me well. I haven't forgotten about any of you. I read most of the posts every day or so and I will respond whenever I feel like I can possibly help out. Later. Love you guys. Jane

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Hi there Jane, I hope you get this, it is a real ***** all these health issues, but being women we will persevere and kick butt!! Take care of yourself and keep your chin up, things will get better in no time and then the flowers will be blooming and so will you.
Love and hugs from Tiger

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Hi Jane. Hope the new drugs will control your thyroid problems. Your considering them a "minor" problem shows your optimistic attitude. Use the same fighting spirit you used for the cancer and you will do well. Take care. Love and prayers, Margaret

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Hi Jane! Hoping you feel better soon. We'll miss you but look foward to your return. You can kick this!! Cathy

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Hi Jane: sorry your going thru all this stuff. But think of it as another obstacle. It will soon pass and be just a memory. I love to read back at all the old post when we (I anyway) was just a new kid on the block. Think positive and keep in touch, just so we know you're ok. Love and Prayers, vinnie

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Jane, Hi, this is donna gotto, i haven't been on for a long time, i finished my taxotere and my scan 2/23 showed the liver tumors to be the same size (but not larger!) and the sternum mets to be same also.
although i was disappointed everyting didn't go away, i'm sure glad nothing new is showing up.
when you feel like it, i'd love to hear from you again, thaks for keeping in touch, peace donna

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Hi Jane
Hope your problems soon clear up. DOn't be depressed we all love you. Keep posting when you can. Love Pam

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