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Bracing for the Storm

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Hi Ladies, vinnie here. Just thought I'd share with you the fact that yesterday I went into the chat room - no problem - no one was there to chat with but I did get in. But now here in Jersey, while waiting for a March Blizzard, I try to get into the chat room *** No Luck**** Is it just tempramental????? Anyway, is anyone on the site in my area. Let me know, it will be fun to track the snow. love to all,

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Hi Vinnie, I saw you were in th chat room. I tired to send you a message. It is probably just me not knowing what I am doing. I have tried before but never have gotten a response. I was just watching the weather & saw where you all are supposed to be getting bad weather. I live in TX. We are about 50 degrees today. Maybe I'll catch you another time. Judy

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Hi Vinny,

Florence here in Long Island. I too have difficulty with the chat room, but I am new to this site. Are you ready for this storm, I guess I am as ready as I am going to be. It really is very mysterious out there, the calm before the storm. Right now I am starting to see flurries, but thats it, I am sure it is on its way. What part of New Jersey are you from and whats happening there? Hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day. Florence

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Hi Florence:
It's starting to flurry here too. The funny part is their saying it may snow till tuesday. I wouldn't mind getting snowed in for a few days. But I'l keep ya posted.
your friend, vinnie

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It's Sunday about 3:40 your time, Vinnie. I tried to get into the chat and really got exceited when I saw both you and Murphy there, but it would not let me in today. Sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. It said 5 in chat. Florence, Craftlady, you, Murphy and me. But I was not really there. Watching your weather on TV. Lets hope the predictions are wrong and you just get flurries! Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Vinnie. It's Cathy. I live in NY,Westchester County. I'm in the house and probably won't leave for a few days due to this lovely(NOT!) weather. I'm tired of winter! How about you? We're supposed to get 2 feet of snow by Tues.I just got in the chat room,no problem. 3 other people signed in but no response to my post??? It's really frustrating. Maybe we can schedule a time being we're in the same time zone! Let me know. Cathy

Posts: 46
Joined: Sep 2000

Hi Cathy, I just went into the Chat room also, sd you and Florence were there. I submitted a message but no response. I'll keep trying, today is my rest day, I have no plans till "Sopranos tonight" (I Love that show), so I'm playing on the computer. Hope to run into you shortly. vinnie

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