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I have cancer of the pancreas,lung and adrenal ;

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In Dec.of 99,I was told I had maybe 6 months to live.This was after I went Jaudice 7 days after getting out of the hopital from a pancreas attack.The mass in the pancreas shut it down. They put a stent in and the bowel and kidney started working again,Thank God:)
One Dr. wanted to do radiation on the mass in the lung and set me up for that. The day that I was suppose to start that they phoned me and said they could not do me, that as the person that made the sheilds would not be there.( As many prayers were being said for me by my loving family and friends I felt God had a hand in this:) I also had my 1st appointment with oncologist. He said he wanted to start me on aggressive chemo treatments as the chemo would work on all three cancers not just one at a time as that was what the radiation would do, made sence to me! After I had 3, once a week, 8 hour treatments I did a cat-scan. The mass in the lung went from walnut size to grape size. The mass in the pancreas also decreased in size almost to half...the adrenal stayed the same. So I will do more chemo and then another scan.
On the first day my oncologist told me that he wanted to do chemo , I ask him how long did I have to live at this point in time ,he said, maybe 2 months.....

On the day ( this last Monday) he told me the good news on the shrinking of the tumors,
I was too excited to ask him any other questions but plenty of them are sure popping up now. I could call him I suppose and ask him the biggie " does this mean I am going into regression?" and others... but I am going to wait until after the next scan, Some of the The reasons? Counting off the days of those 2 months would make around my 64th birthday, Not Having all the kids over for Easter and on and on. All that might not make any sense to whoever reads this but it works for me:) at this point in time.It also helps me endure the treatments and everything that goes with them afterwards. Thats all for now ,so hugs and prayers to all of us cancer victims, Ginger

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