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how does chat work??

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Hi there ladies, I hope you are all doing well. I have tried several different times to get into the chat, but nothing happens. Can someone who actually got it to work explain it to me please? It would be so cool to actually be able to talk to you!!!
I see on my screen that it is 8:45 PST, and I am at 11:45 am,
Thanks for the help.
Hugs from Tiger

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Hi Tiger and all,
Juest got a note from one of the Wendy's who said she got e-mail from Tony explaining that One of the reasons we have had so much trouble past couple of days is that the servers for this network are in Seattle and were damaged in the quake.
Not at all surprizing, but since I didn't know wheree he was located I kept trying to inform him all the error messages I was getting and just got more error messages.
Wen I get on chat and really get it to work I will try to forward explanation to you.
Basically when you sign on and submit a message like Hi, you have to wait for the screen to bring that up and the other messages ongoing up. Sometimes it will show, 2 people on there in chat when they have split toa private chat and aren't seeing the main chat board because it opens a new window for the private chat.

I have not gotten any good chats because I never manage to get on at the same time as anyone else except the day of the earthquake and actually had a message from someone else appear on my screen.

It will get worked out soon I am sure, but in the meantime I am sure too that getting all the messes caused by the earthquake straightened out will be very timeconsuming.

(Hey, one good thing, your computer time is the correct time for our time zone. Clay (my son) sent signals to set my right just a couple days ago and it is wrong already, but I have had three sudden shutdowns in the last two days.

Some big problems locally with electric transmission. I don't know wheter ther were traffic accidents, or electrical accidents ...Oh I remember, we had a coal silo collapse yesterday at one of the areas big power plants and they are trying to rescue or find the body of someone who is missing in the accident.

Makes you realize that facing a possible death from cancer isn't the only way we could die...I have no wish do die, but know that it is always possible.

Wehn we can get on, I'll try to talk.
always, prayers and hugs, cher

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Hi Rosa, This morning I got into the chat and talked to Angie and Cathy for a bit. But tonight it will not let me in, keeps giving me proxy error. Tony said that is happening because of the earthquake in Seattle because our circuits go thru there. When I get in, I just click on the chat on the right side of our screen where it tells you how many are in the chat room and it takes you in. Then it will tell you a name on the right side of the screen and it will read joined. That means they should be there but not always. It takes quite awhile for a response to come back. This morning while talking to Angie, I sent a message and while I was waiting for her reply, I went to the bathroom and made a cup of tea, came back and still got back to the computer before her answer...Maybe in the next few days it will work better for all of us. Your name was in the chat when I went in a little while ago, but then I got a proxy error and I quit chat. Don't think I will even try over the weekend. Talk to you soon, Love to you, Nancy

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Hi Rosa

You are 15 hours behind me. Let me know a toime when you can go on line (family permitting) and I will try to make it. Bear in mu\ind I am wiped out by 11pm my time (6 am yours) If you can make early evening your time Friday night (9th) I can be on line 9am Saturday my time. God this is getting complicated. Am seeing oncologist tomorrow (Wednesday) to try to sort out whazt drugs to try next. Very sore & coughing again at the moment so hope he comes up with something that works. It's scary how quickly the ******* beast learns to get round the drugs. How did your check uo go? Pray that it was good. Love Pam.

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