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How long do sides hurt

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I had a double masectomy on Feb 15 this year. I had the 4 tubes from my side out this past Tuesday . and wow my sides still are sore but I don't think it's from the tube removal ,its like I now have breast on my sides and they are sore.Did any of you have this?

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Hi, I had a double mastectomy in Sept. 1995. I remember how uncomfortable those tubes and plastic bottles were. The soreness will take a little time to go away. I did want to share my knowledge of what has happened to me but it may not happen to you. I have muscle spasms where this tubes were, sometimes, they are just like bad cramps in the calf of your leg only rubbing doesn't do much good. Just stay still and stretch that side as much as you can. I told my doctor about this and was told that nerves and muscles were probably damaged and there is no cure for it. It is just annoying and painful. But once again it may not happen to you. I am also quite numb under my right arm where they removed the most tissue and all the nodes from. I guess it will always be that way. Also, if you develop any swelling in your arms, please let your doctor know. I have lymphedema in my right arm and when I first noticed my arm swelling I had no idea of what it was. Good Luck, Shout51

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