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Alice, Are You OK?

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Hi, Alice!! I certainly hope that this morning's earthquake didn't affect you too much. Please let us know if you are ok. I live in So. Calif. and know what a 7.0 earthquake feels like....it is real scary. I hope and pray that you and your family are ok and no damage (or very minimal). I'll be waiting to hear from you!!!

God Bless......Wendy

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Alice, we're all wondering if you are ok? Please let us know ASAP! Cathy

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Hi Wendy,
We are just fine. What a shaker. Im glad I work in a small buisness park and I was just 3 feet from the front door.My self and two other women stood out in the parking lot hanging on to each other watching the pavement rolling. No damage at home just a broken picture and a crake in the plaster got bigger.Some bridges in Seattle and a couple of roads are closed but all in all we were very lucky. The news media really makes it sound worse than it is. All is well. Thanks for thinking of me. Alice

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Glad to hear from you, Alice!!!

I live in So. California, so earthquakes are normal around here. There are several fault lines surrounding the town we live in, so we have felt a number of quakes. The Landers quake that hit almost 9 years ago was over 100 miles away from us, but we sure shook and rolled for a while. It was quite unnerving---also the first time my husband said to get the kids and get out of the house!!! (that was at 5 AM). I also know how you feel about the media making more of it than necessary---the LA television stations were on the air with "live" coverage of it for 3 straight hours!!!

Anyway, so glad that you faired so well. How are you doing, otherwise? I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Hi Alice,
I was so glad to hear you were OK.
I do not live in an earthquake zone, but for the past 7 months or so we have been experiencing similar localized tremors from the long wall mining machinery in the coal seams that go under our house.
One day in november I watched my sliding glass door explode while I was typing on the computer. (The mine company fixed it and supposedly will fix all the other little problems like drains that seem to have developed leaks at every joint, etc.) when the settlement has stopped. they supposedly give you a choice of fixing house where you currently live or building a new one.
I don;t know what we will get at this point but I am tired of things falling apart ...
Of course the fact that I am falling apart too does not help at all.
again, so glad you are OK

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