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Scared to death!

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After all the lecturing I have done about not getting upset until you know for sure there's something to worry about, I'm in that prediciment now! Had BM(sorry for being graphic) and had bleeding! My mind is all over the place! Never wished for hemorrhoids before!A little support would be appreciated. Going to MD this PM. Cathy

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Heey cathy,
now we just get to lecture back at you!
don't worry until you know for certain that there is something to worry about!!!

Seriously, I know how it throws you. Think about how much worse it would be to discover it in the (graphic deleted) of someone very dear to you.

be praying for good results
remember we are here for you.

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Hi Cathy - Stop doing that to yourself - it is not worth it. You need to be taking care of yourself. I am sure it is nothing to worry about - so keep your chin up. My prayers are with you my dear. God Bless, Lucy

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Cathy, calm down. Like my husband has told me through this ordeal "DONT BORROW TROUBLE". i know it's easier said than done,though. I didn't listen to him very well. Hang in there and let us know ASAP what is happening. My prayers are with you.
Mel in ARk

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Hi Cathy, I had some unexplained bleeding last Oct. and it is frightening. Told my surgeon about it and he said I must have passed a hard stool. I told him it wasn't hard and I asked for a colonoscopy (as I was due for my first colon screening anyway). He gladly obliged and made me an appt with a gastroentorologist. I had the colonoscopy last Nov. and everything turned out fine. Prior to my bleeding incident I had complained a few months earlier to my surgeon about itchy hemeroids (sp) and he helped me get rid or them by telling me not to use anti bacterial soap as that dried out my skin. Will pray for you. Margaret

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Hi Cathy !

Don't fret ! I first had bleeding about 6 years ago... scared me to death !!! I had ALL kinds of tests run... turns out that it was only a fissure. I still have it. The DR's wanted to do surgery to remove it, but I declined... Does it make any sense to make a BIGGER cut, to get rid of a small tear??!! Anyway, there are a lot of explanations for the blood, besides something really bad ! Will be praying for you...

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HI Cathy, I will certainly keep you in my prayers. I'm sure everything will be fine. I haven't had that problem before but my hubby has. It is very scary. Lucky for him it was just hemorrhoids.(He'd be glad to know I shared that with all of you HA)Think posite thoughts. Let us know what you find out.Judy

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Hi Cathy, I hope you will share your results with us. It is probably nothing to worry about. i had the same thing happen a few years ago, only When I passed gas, mucousy blood came out, scared the hell out of me. It could be anything from internal hemmeroids to a small tear in the rectal lining. Dont worry, Its such fun to have a colonoscopy!!!! NOT!! I had more apparatus shoved up my bum than I care to remember!! But everything is clear!! Hang tight and stay positive.
Hugs from Tiger

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Dear Cathy

As all the others have said it's probably just haemorroids or a lot of other things it can be before cancer. My old faithful bovine colostrum is very good for healing lower gut problems & is specifically recommeded for irritable bowel syndrome so give it a try in large doses. Natural & nothing to lose. Also if you are on pain medication that is codeine or morphine based that can cause constipation & tears etc so try to keep regular. Let us know how you got on. Praying for you. Love Pam.

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Hi, Cathy!!

I can only reiterate what everyone else has said--only wish I had done it sooner. I hope you are feeling more at ease now and that the doctor was also able to ease your mind. My husband had the same type of thing a while back (and I am sure that he, too, will be over joyed to know that I shared that with you all!!) and we did a simple home test on the BMs for three times. It turned out to be nothing. Our baby, too, had some bleeding the first few times she went after birth--dr told me that is was a fissure (small tear). So far, no other problems with either of them!! What did you find out at the doctor yesterday??

Thinking of you!!


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Hi everybody! Thanks for all the support. I saw the Gastroenterologist yesterday. He wasn't overly concerned. He said it could have been a Hemorrhoid. Didn't feel any fissures(I love these exams! NOT!!!) I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy on March14. I'll let you all know. Thanks! Cathy

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Hi Cathy, I'm glad your doctor doesn't feel it is anything serious. Take care of yourself & keep us posted. Judy

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