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Need a support partner

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I am looking for a support partner for my friend. She has stage 2 breast cancer and will be undergoing CAF treatment, followed by tomaxifin. She also has stage 1 diabetes. If there are any other women out there who might have a similar situation please contact me so I can get you in touch with my friend. Thanks you and God bless.

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Hello Bets, I do not know what the CAF treatment is, but I am stage 2 breast cancer and also have type 2 diabetes. My youngest son has type 1 diabetes so I am very familar with insulin dependency. I had a lumpectomy and lymph node surgery and then on to chemotherapy. My tamoxifen started at the beginning of treatment. I have only 2 treatments to finish and then will have radiation. I will be glad to talk with your friend if I can help at all. Tell your friend to visit us here on the site where everyone can support her in this difficult time. You will find many voices here to encourage and inform. You are an excellent friend. Love to you, Nancy

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You're a good friend. This whole website is filled with women who would love to help your friend. Give her this website and tell her to try it out. My name is Cathy. I had mastectomy and reconstruction and have been on Tamoxifin since Oct. I'd be glad to answer any questions I can. My E-mail address is RPT1206@aol.com Cathy

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You have come to the right place to find support for your friend. The ladies on here are absolutely wonderful. Everyone is very supportive & helpful. She is lucky to have such a great friend to be there for her. I wish her the best. Judy

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Ditto on what the others have told you. You are, indeed a good friend. Everyone should be so lucky!! I have Stage 3-A BC (Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma with Squamous Metaplasia). Lots of big words, I know, but it seems like breast cancer is breast cancer and no one should be alone through all of this. Anyway, I am 41 (until Saturday) and have 4 children between the ages of 6 mos. and 18-1/2 years. I was diagnosed on 1/23 and had a modified radical mastectomy on 1/26. Had my first chemo on 2/13 and my next one should be on 3/6. Will have a total of 4 chemo treatments then 6 weeks of radiation and then 4 more chemos. Would be happy to connect with your friend. Just let me know how to reach her. Also, as a friend, if you need any support in helping her, whatever help I can give is yours, too.

Take care and let me know how you and your friend are doing. You are in my prayers.


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Hello....my name is Sandra, I too was a stage 2. I was dx Sept98, had 4 boots of chemo and 25 rads, now on Tamoxifen....and doing okay. I would love to be a support partner for your friend, regards, Sandee

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